Monday, October 16

Another of Obama's DACA "dreamers" murders a high-school girl; liberals yawn

Another illegal alien that the emperor Obama allowed to stay in the U.S. under his DACA program has murdered an 18-year-old high school girl.

In Greenville, South Carolina, a friend of 11th-grader Dianna Martinez-Gonzalez made a “frantic” call to police reporting a shooting.  When police arrived they immediately located a male who matched the friend’s description and took him into custody.  Later they found the girl's body.  She'd been shot in the head. 

Police say the suspect, 19-year-old Daniel De Jesus Rangel-Sherrer, confessed to the murder. 

According to Immigration and Customs Enforcement the suspect is a Mexican national who had entered the U.S. illegally but had been allowed to stay by emperor Obama’s DACA program, which allowed all children of illegal immigrants brought into the U.S. before age 16 to stay here--a de-facto amnesty.

Rangel-Sherrer remains behind bars at the Greenville County Detention Center until his next hearing. ICE issued a detainer on him.  Fortunately South Carolina isn't a "sanctuary state" like California, so there's a chance that even if liberals raise his bail, he won't be able to vanish.
 But hey, what are a few murders compared to the huuge benefits of open borders and "diversity"?

Sunday, October 15

Dumbassery from a snowflake at...Princeton??

The quote below is from a student at Princeton.  Sadly, it's an all too accurate example of what passes for "thinking" by liberals/socialists/communists on what are amusingly called "liberal" college campuses today.
Nowadays cries for “free speech” ring from campus to campus. The term has become quite...popular.  Perhaps it owes its popularity to how vague it is.
Really?  "How vague it is"?  Sounds like a charge made by someone trying to discredit the idea.
It...comes from conservatives in response to some sort of censoring of ideas. In its own way, "free speech" has become conservatives' rhetorical weapon of choice, defended by right-leaning groups and thinkers
Conservatives would have you believe that their insistence on free speech is related to a desire for...openness of discussion.  When conservatives appeal to “free speech” it is actually a calculated political move, designed to open up avenues of political discourse while shaming others from moving in active political opposition.

I argue that when conservatives resort to this move, they can be safely ignored, as they are appealing to a right that does not exist.…

Because “free speech” is a cornerstone of our rights under the Constitution, it can appear that conservatives’ free speech has this constitutional tradition as its backbone.  However, this speech is something much different...  Conservatives are interested in being able to propose their ideas without any political opposition to their right to speech.
I am not arguing that conservatives do not expect intellectual opposition to their content; instead I am arguing against their right to be heard…

If conservative arguments were strong, they would be convincing, and if they were convincing, they would not meet political opposition. If conservative arguments were strong, they would stand without desperate appeals to the idea of “free speech.”
This is such a piece of illogical garbage that it's almost self-refuting.  Hard to believe the Daily Princetonian published it.  Wait, this is exactly the kind of liberal crap college newspapers think is just precious.

I don't think these people will ever give up and just enjoy life in the United States.  Instead I suspect they'll keep trying to force conservatives to give up more and more rights to satisfy the communists/socialists/snowflakes/Democrats.

These are the same folks who think Che Guevara was a great person.  Crazy.  Ignorant.  Deluded.

Stupid.  Naive.

Princeton, huh?  Weep for America.

Deadly Cali fires may have been sparked by powerlines touching. And there's more...

Latest reports are that the hugely-destructive fires in Napa and Sonoma counties in California were caused by high winds that blew powerlines together.

For those unfamiliar, cross-country powerlines aren't insulated but are just bare wires, so when they touch it makes one hellofa bang--which typically also blows up any transformers that feed the lines.  Both these events can start fires.

Now here's the gotcha:  Last year the California legislature passed a bill that would have required the state's electrical utilities to increase their efforts to make powerlines less susceptible to wind damage.  But the socialist governor of California--Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown--vetoed the bill.

Interestingly, someone reported that Brown's sister is on the board of directors of an energy holding company.  But probably no connection, eh?

Now Crazy Jerry--one of the most leftwing members of the socialist democrat party in the USA-- blames the deadly fires on ‘climate change/man made global warming.’  It's the socialist agenda for greater control of… everything.

"Universal Basic Services"--a proposal to give every resident free food, housing, internet etc.

Does the following sound familiar?
Our economy and society depend on public services.  [Unless the author defines "public services" in some bizarre way, this is a crock.  But do go on...]
The continuing failure of our government to deliver a high quality of life and prosperity to every resident is eroding the social cohesion on which our society depends, and undermining our ability to address the significant challenges ahead. 

Our economy is not only underperforming, it is floundering [sic] socially.  [Really?  Source?]  Real incomes are dropping, and opportunities for many of our communities are restricted and eroding. It is a dismal picture.

A broad consensus has emerged that the untramelled pursuit of growth does not deliver an equal quality of life for all.  [But you're clearly implying that it should.]  But the most common response to this challenge is to claim that we can't afford to invest more in public services because of the high cost. This is tantamount to saying that we cannot afford to invest in our citizens, in the people we live with and among.
Ah yes, the siren song of "investing" in people whose highest aspiration is...what?
At the Institute for Global  Prosperity we're committed to three things:  public debate on exciting, innovative new ideas; "investment in social infrastructures;" and public policy  aimed at improving the quality of people’s lives.

We've been inspired by other nations' experiments with a "guaranteed basic income."  The idea has been offered and praised by the brilliant former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and would tremendously benefit society by, for example, supporting more aspiring artists who otherwise would have to be working a menial job. 

It's clear that we need to rethink how our economy should work, so that college graduates with valuable degrees in Womens' Studies or African Folklore don't have to take demeaning jobs at Starbucks to survive. 

In this report, we lay out some ideas about how to deliver a great quality of life to all residents by offering more public services at no cost to residents, regardless of national origin.  We'll also link to more radical policy initiatves to increase "social integration and cohesion."  We call this complete set of ideas "Universal Basic Services."

Over 30 million people living in the U.S.--including 23 million undocumented immigrants-- suffer from "food anxiety" at some time during the year.  At the end of the month there's not enough money left on their Electronic Benefit card to ensure they'll be able to afford a decent steak on Saturday. We need to ask: why is that?  Why should residents of a country with lots of food have to worry about whether they'll be forced to suffer with just a sandwich or mac and cheese near the end of the month?

Clearly our income tax system isn't progressive enough.  We need to change the brackets so the well-off pay more, so we can give Universal Basic Services to those who stuggle with a minimum-wage job or are simply overqualified for a menial job.  If we are to "increase cohesion," the sense that we are “all in it together,” we must act where we can have the greatest impact and that is on the cost of basic living.

Our research clearly shows that the most efficient way to improve the quality of life for people with no college or with a degree that won't currently give them a high income is to simply give them "basic services"–food, housing, internet, health care and transportation--the fundamental building blocks for life required by every citizen in the 21st century.

This will dramatically reduce the cost of basic living for the those on the lowest incomes, and will reduce poverty because residents won't have to pay anything for a decent standard of  living.

"It will *make accessible* [love that phrase] a life that *includes participation,* *builds belonging* [another total winning phrase!], *creates a common purpose* and *strengthens the cohesion of society as a whole.*  [Wow!  Total win!  Rainbows and unicorns!]

Our research unequivocally shows that giving every disadvantaged resident "basic services"  such as housing, food, cell phones, internet and transport is guaranteed to reduce their cost of living dramatically.
This looks like any position paper from a leftist "think tank."  It's dirt-easy to imagine Bernie or Hilliary or Rahm or Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton or Maxine Waters endorsing this paper.  It's so goofy--so utterly socialist--that it almost looks like parody.  But it's not:  There really is an "Institute for Global Prosperity," and what you just read is a very slightly edited version of a 58-page paper they wrote proposing Universal Basic Services.

That institute is in London, but my guess is that U.S. Democrat/Socialists will pick this up in a heartbeat and run with it, cuz they know that with half the electorate not having the faintest idea what capitalism his, or how socialism works, or what the Constitution says, the best way to win elections is to promise Democrat voters free stuff--in this case free food, housing, cell phone, internet and transportation.

Dems: Why stop at trying to ban guns? Why not ban something equally deadly?

In the wake of the Las Vegas mass shooting Democrats are renewing their call to repeal the 2nd amendment and forbid civilians to own guns.  That makes lots of sense, cuz every year a handful of people armed with guns do indeed go nuts and kill other people.

But Democrats are missing an even bigger target here:  Why not push to ban...alcohol?

Seriously.  Look at the number of people killed each year by drunk drivers.  Gotta be 10,000 or so.  And look at the number of people who, in an alcohol-fueled rage, kill a spouse, lover, parent or total stranger in a bar--often with a weapon other than a gun.  Must be several thousand of those each year too.

So how 'bout it, Democrats?  I realize you want to go for the easier target but why settle for half a measure?  If your goal is to reduce the number of premature deaths, it only makes sense to push to ban alcohol too, since it causes more deaths each year than guns  And that's before even considering alcohol-related diseases.

But somehow I don't think we'll see Dems push to ban alcohol--because their real goal isn't saving lives, but disarming Americans.

Tell me, Democrats:  How has that worked out for residents of the U.K?  Not only can't they defend themselves against home invaders, they get prosecuted if they so much as pick up a knife to defend against attackers.  But hey, at least they don't have civilians with guns!

Saturday, October 14

A modest proposal

In the wake of the Las Vegas mass shooting--which the Dems are blaming on either the second amendment or "toxic masculinity"--Dem congressional "leaders" are calling for either repeal of the 2nd amendment or far tighter gun controls.  Of course this is a hugely controversial topic, so here's an idea that should make everyone happy:

All Democrats should publically promise not to buy or own a single gun--either long gun or handgun. 

Dem politicians would encourage this--and show that they had the courage of their "nominal" convictions, and truly believed guns were not only bad but deserved to be banned--by promising that their bodyguards wouldn't carry guns. 

Congress could encourage this by passing a bill requiring all Democrats who want to buy a gun to disclose their name, address and party when they purchased the weapon.  Since Dems think the federal government should require everyone to register their guns, not a single Dem politician should object, right?

Of course I realize Democrats wanting to buy a gun could nullify this by simply claiming not to be Democrats, but the point is to force Dem politicians to reveal their true colors:  either they don't believe the line they're spouting, or if they do, their own constituents will see what they really are.


The challenge facing western nations

Liberal politicians of westernized countries can't raise taxes enough to pay for the promises they made to get elected, without killing their economies.

The citizens of western nations aren't reproducing fast enough to maintain their populations--meaning they will eventually be overwhelmed by immigrants and will die out.

Only one western nation--the U.S.--has shown a willingness to devote enough resources to maintain a credible military deterrent.  And the nation came within 80,000 votes of junking that, under the military-hating command of a president Hilliary.

The school systems of western nations refuse to educate their students on such basic topics as the superiority of freedom and free markets over socialism and communism.

Democrats--the Deep State holdovers who actually run the government and make most of the decisions, even with the nominal Republican Trump as president--are determined to keep things on the present course.

Every day offers new opportunities for ordinary citizens to see the truth and vote to change course.  But the grip of the Lyin' Media and class envy and hatred pushed by Democrats--is so powerful that nothing changes.

If you understand what's written above, there's a way to fix this:  Forward this to everyone you know.  The fix is to vote against every Democrat and RINO.  It will be a long, hard fight, made harder by the tendency of the Deep State to corrupt freshman politicians with money or sex.

Think it's daunting?  How does this compare to wading ashore on a beach raked by machinegun fire?

State senator from St. Louis who called for Trump's assassination now compares him to Hitler

Missouri Dem Who Previously Called For Trump’s Assassination Defends New Tweet Comparing Him To Hitler

This is Maria Chappelle-Nadal, a Democratic senator from the total shit-hole that is suburban St. Louis.  Her claim to "fame" is that she authored a Facebook post calling for President Donald Trump’s assassination.

Her newest claim to fame is a tweet comparing Trump to Adolf Hitler.

Chappelle-Nadal said she was upset by Trump’s tweets early Thursday suggesting Puerto Rico must take on more responsibility for its recovery from Hurricane Maria.  Her mother is from Puerto Rico, “So this is very personal to me,” she said.

Ah, now we understand.  The Democrat mayor of the capital of Puerto Rico is sitting on a port crammed with emergency water and food, and refuses to kick the ass of the corrupt teamsters who refuse to deliver the badly-needed supplies to the suffering people.  Which clearly makes it Trump's fault.

Cops from the island nation have called local radio shows saying exactly this.

If I were Trump I'd send in a few thousand of our military and commandeer the distribution of supplies.  Then watch communists like Chappelle-Nadal scream that the Yankee imperialists are "oppressing" the locals!

Nothing--nothing at all--will ever satisfy people like this woman.  She will always find someone else to blame for any problem in the world.  Fan the flames of blame and hate, pitting class against class, race against race.  It's what communists are.  It's what they do.

Then and now

In the 1940's tens of thousands of starveling, impoverished young American men who reached their 20's during the Great Depression somehow found it in themselves to cross beaches swept by enemy machine-gun and artillery fire.

In stark, devastating contrast, today--an era in which ordinary Americans have apps to order pizza, a date on Tinder or a cab within minutes--very few of the the so-called "men" can find a good reason to live.

Some still have a reason, of course.  Hard to tell if their numbers are rising or falling.  Those who join the armed forces seem to love this country and have shown their willingness to sacrifice to defend it.  Surely others do too.  Until the crunch comes, it's hard to tell.

And that "crunch"?  It's coming, sure as the sunrise tomorrow.

H/T Wretchard at Belmont

Contrast Weinstein with the firing of an Army two-star general for...what?

As the avalanche of stories about powerful Hollywood males groping or raping women (sort of like Bill Clinton did) continue to mount--assaults many others knew about but kept quiet because they were unwilling to provoke the powerful--thought you should see the difference between how the folks in Hollywood and NYC reacted, and how people in a straight-shooting organization with values react to the same thing.

A two-star Army general was fired--and likely will be forced to retire--after he was accused of...what, raping a female subordinate? Groping? No, he was fired for sending "flirty emails" to a married woman.

In the civilian world powerful men can grope women--as Weinstein and Clinton did--and everyone keeps quiet.  But in the U.S. armed forces something as inoffensive as sending flirty emails gets even a two-star general fired--because the woman he sent the flirty emails to was the wife of an enlisted man under his command.

This is a big deal because when a commander flirts with the wife of an enlisted guy, the troops can't trust him.  For an army or other combat branch, that's fatal.

There's a reason--in fact *lots* of reasons--that moral, hard-working Americans trust the military far more than any politician, or the Lyin' Mainstream Media, or Hollywood stars. 

Simply being in the military--even making high rank--doesn't guarantee that someone is a straight arrow.  But if a commander can't follow the rules, the System has to step in and do what's right--something the civilian world rarely does.  I'm delighted to see that this two-star got fired.  It's the kind of "don't do this or else..." that the whole nation badly needs.

Thursday, October 12

Democrats: "All cultures are equal." Reality replies: "That's a complete lie."

Democrats, liberals and socialists--America-haters all--have used their totally-controlled megaphone of the Lyin' Mainstream Media to tell us, over and over again, that
"All cultures and all societies are equal."
Their followers--university professors and public-school teachers --dutifully chanted in unison
"All cultures and all societies are equal!"
Hollywood elites got the message, and their movies began to spread it:  All cultures are equal.

Ah.  Well....

Unfortunately for the Democrats, socialists, liberals and other so-called "elites," the internet offers regular Americans the opportunity to hear what happens outside the U.S.--things the Lyin' Media steadfastly refuses to tell you, since it proves their Narrative is totally false.

The news from outside is extremely eye-opening, because it shows that all cultures are most definitely NOT equal.

For example, in the Congo--a shit-hole in Africa--members of one of the thousands of "rebel" groups dragged a woman into the central town square and cut off her head, as townspeople cheered.  The group videoed the execution, and a French television network got a copy.

Why did the armed "rebels" behead the poor woman?  What crime did they claim she committed?

They killed her because she served them food with bits of fish in it.

The "rebels" believed eating the fish would take away their magic powers.

Got it.  Makes perfect sense.  (Not.)

The French network interviewed several of the townspeople who watched and cheered the execution.  "Why did you cheer?" the interviewers asked.  "Was this woman widely disliked?"

No, said the interviewees, she was nice.  But we couldn't do anything because...we had no guns, no way to fight off the rebels.  So we cheered because we were afraid that if we didn't, they would kill us too.

Are you starting to see why the Dems don't want you to hear stories like this?  Starting to see why it's absolutely critical that you not let the Dems take away your right to own firearms?

And are you starting to see why the notion that "All cultures are equal" is an utter crock?

Wednesday, October 11

IMF forecasts Venezuela's inflation rate next year--again proving socialism is jus' great!

The International Monetary Fund has issued its forecast for inflation for next year for the socialist hell-hole of Venezuela.  And that forecast is...2,300 percent.

With inflation that high no one can plan for the future.  It makes no sense to save money since the skyrocketing prices make savings worthless.  Venezuelans are starving, and killing each other at a rate 18 times higher than here in the U.S.  The IMF predicts what's left of that nation's economy will shrink 12 percent this year.

Yet astonishingly, nearly half of all college students surveyed on the east and west coasts say they think socialism is a better system than capitalism.

But obviously virtually no American college student has actually experienced socialism, so how in the world did they ever form such a favorable opinion of such a ghastly system?

The answer, of course, is that their professors--and before that, their high school teachers--told them socialism was wonderful, and that capitalism was awful.

It'd be interesting to hit the university lecture circuit showing hi-resolution pics of Venezuela 30 years ago, juxtaposed against pics of the same cities today.  There's not a doubt in my mind that once word got out that someone was showing the total disaster that is Venezuela, the communists and socialists and assorted snowflakes who buzz around universities like flies would scream and wail and protest and demand that the lecture not be allowed.

Cuz we just can't let American college students (or anyone in this country, for that matter) see how "faaaabulous" the results of socialism are.  Hell, if that happened the Dem party might lose lotsa votes!

WaPo reports Pelosi threatens to block "must-pass" bills if illegal DACAs aren't given citizenship

The Washington Post has been a pile of socialist-Democrat crap for my entire lifetime.  So without further ado, here's a piece they published just two days ago--under the cutesy header "PowerPost" (so *obviously* all the insiders wanna read it, eh?) titled

Nancy Pelosi won’t rule out voting against spending bills to strike DACA deal

The gist is that several bills each year are considered "must-pass," like spending bills to keep the government running, social security checks flowing, keep paying the military and so on.  In the "Power" article, the author says Pelosi has implied that she's willing to demand that her fellow Dems vote AGAINST these bills unless congress has passed a bill to give the illegal-immigrants brought into the U.S. illegally by their parents when they were under 15 full citizenship.

Let that sink in for a minute.

This scum-sucking, power-hungry, America-hating bitch wants to not only make a million illegals citizens--and thus Dem voters for life--but also wants to encourage another ten million people to illegally enter the U.S. in the hope that it'll happen again in another decade or so.

Author says Pelosi said "her caucus may withhold support for must-pass spending bills later this year if Congress can’t reach agreement on how to protect “dreamers” from deportation."

If that isn't clear enough, nothing will help you.  
“I fully intend to use every possibility” to strike a deal on the status of young immigrants protected by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, Pelosi said.
Pelosi said that the administration’s new plan is “un-American” and that “there’s nothing in it to negotiate because it does not have shared values of who we are as Americans.  As long as we understand that, let’s go on with what we can agree on.”
Did you hear the "command language" there?  "As long as we understand that, let's go with what we can agree on." 

No, Nancy, you America-hating bitch, "we" don't agree, but we sure noticed that you want us to think all "good Americans" agree with you.  Just understand that most of us see through your bullshit and emphatically do NOT agree.

But she's ready to block "must-pass" bills to get her way.

Other leading pro-illegal Dems--like Rep. Luis V. Gutiérrez (D-Ill.)...called on Democrats to vote against "must-pass" legislation slated to come to the floor around Dec. 9.  Gutiérrez said “If we approve a budget which doesn’t include the Dream Act, then we’ve turned our back on our immigrant community and our principles.”

Rep. Michelle Lujan Grisham (D-N.M.), who chairs the Hispanic Caucus, said that withholding votes for spending legislation “is definitely on the table” for her caucus.
Of course you already know how the Lyin' Mainstream Media--led by the WaPo and the NY Slimes--will spin this if the Dems vote against the must-pass bills, right? 
"Republicans threaten government shutdown!"
They lie.   The mainstream media *always* lie.  It's what they do--because it's always worked in the past.  And as long as half the electorate gets their information from them, it'll keep working.

Another liberal triumph


"Hey, passing a law banning drugs worked, so I expect this one will work too. 
Next will be my ban on all guns!  Wow, this is so EASY!"

Why is the Lyin' Media strangely uninterested in Fakebook background of cop-killer at Texas Tech?

Normally if a white male shoots a cop the Lyin' Mainstream Media go nuts.  They examine the guy's social media posts and friends and likes with a vengeance, trying to see if the guy can be called a conservative or Republican or Trump-supporter, or former military.

But strangely, in the case of a white college male at Texas Tech university who shot a cop in the head *while being booked at the police station*--something the media would normally consider a huge hook for readers--the Lyin' Mainstream Media seem to be totally uninterested in looking into the killer's background.

Gosh, what in the world could account for the total reversal of the Lyin' Media's usual policy--the unique lack of interest in reporting on the killer's background, associates, friends and likes?

Could it because the shooter's fakebook page shows he's a total leftist--likes Bernie, Barack, black anti-cop groups and every leftwing group in the country?  "Proud progressives."  "Turn Left."

Because the shooter's background cuts against the Narrative--beloved by the Left and the Lyin' Media--that "all white killers are gun-crazed conservatives," the Media will ignore it.  *Poof,* down the memory hole.  Not a word beyond the bare event.

For the zillionth time:  If you trust the Mainstream Media to tell you the truth about anything, you're simply naive.  They have an agenda about everything, and will ignore or only superficially report any story that doesn't agree with that agenda.

Just like NBC and the NY Times refused to report solid evidence of Weinstein's sexual assaults for nearly a decade.  To the Lyin' Media a story is only newsworthy if it supports The Narrative.

Flashback: Lyin' Susan Rice claims deserter Bowe Bergdahl "served honorably"

Susan Rice was emperor Obama's ambassador to the United Nations.  Because Barky knew she would lie when asked, she was trotted out to peddle the utterly false Narrative that the attack on the U.S. consular annex in Benghazi was a "spontaneous demonstration" triggered by a video that depicted Muslims in a bad light.

As a reward for her loyalty, Barky promoted her, appointing her National Security Advisor.  In that position Rice was able to "unmask" U.S. citizens who were captured on tape during routine wiretaps of foreign citizens.  This was totally illegal, but she got away with it because laws mean nothing to powerful Democrats.

So was Rice merely a loyal lackey who really had the best interests of the country at heart, or was she a Islamic mole?  To shed light on that, consider that when Barky ordered the release of 5 top Taliban commanders from Guantanamo prison in exchange for the Taliban releasing Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl, Rice praised Bergdahl by outrageously claiming that the deserter had "served with honor and distinction."

In hindsight it's pretty clear that Rice has always been a bad actor, bent on doing whatever she could do damage the U.S., and military morale.  Which is why all the damn Lying Media networks LOVE this bitch.  Here's the video:

Tuesday, October 10

Is western civilization is committing suicide?

Western civilization appears to be destroying itself in self-hatred, literally choosing extinction. 

Most analysts agree that to keep population from shrinking, couples need to average 2.33 kids.

Last year the average for all EU countries was 1.58.  Muslim immigrants in the EU, on the other hand, are averaging around 4 kids per couple.

A tiny bit of math proficiency will show the problem there:  In roughly 40 years Europe will be majority-Muslim.

If you're like most Americans--which is to say, you work hard and spend most of your free time raising your--you don't have time to analyze world events, let alone trends.  So you depend on the Lyin' Mainstream Media to keep you informed.  And of course the Lyin' Media resolutely refuse to do that.  So you have no idea what the demographic numbers imply.  Or what a Muslim-dominated government in, say, France would mean.

So let me help:  What is it that keeps a nation's government from banning, say, alcohol, or movies, or non-Islamic music?  It's the fear by elected pols of losing their office and power and income.

So what do you think would happen when a previously westernized country--say Belgium or the Netherlands--has enough Muslim voters that politicians realize they'll only be re-elected if they vote for policies Muslims want?

If you're like most Americans this question elicits a shrug:  Why should you care if the government of Belgium goes Muslim?

You don't, of course.  Their country, so they can do as they please. 

But what about, say, France?

If you have the same reaction, it's because you don't know jack-shit about "thermonuclear weapons."

Cuz France has hundreds of the things.

Iran is working hard to design and build an atomic bomb.  That's a mere nuisance compared to a "themonuclear" bomb, as the latter can be, oh, 1000 times more powerful.

When the government of France becomes Muslim-controlled, what do you think will happen to the French H-bomb arsenal?

If this happened in past decades, the U.S. government would have intervened to neutralize that threat.  But that's no longer possible, even with a tough Republican president--because congress and the Deep State have succeeded in neutralizing Trump.  In fact the New York Times reports that major liberal donors are no longer funding politicians like Hillary but have swung to funding "the Resistance."

We now live in an environment where whole populations are immersed in an ocean of deliberate lies. People who have been carefully, relentlessly taught to despise Christianity and other religions (other than Islam) can believe anything -- and do.  The dominant Narrative is Open Borders, 71 genders and you must not criticize any behavior, no matter how crazy.

Good luck.

Saturday, October 7

McCain posing with ghastly zombies

Consider the pic below:


Why would John McCain pose for a pic with Harvey Weinstein and Hilliary Clinton?

Because he has no sense, and is actually a Democrat.  Always has been.  And corrupt (see "Keating Five").

Half of the nominal "Republicans" in congress are actually Democrat plants.

Thursday, October 5

Democrat Nancy Pelosi thanks an illegal immigrant's parents for bringing him here illegally

Democrat Nancy Pelosi has been a member of congress (spit!) for roughly a hundred years (okay, maybe it just feels like it--but wait, the Left always tells us that feelings are more important than facts, right?)  She loves illegal immigrants, and sucks up to them every chance she gets.

On Wednesday she got an hour of free, televised pro-Democrat propaganda as CNN staged a "town hall" meeting between Pelosi and an audience of illegal-alien "children" (now in their 20's and 30's) who were brought into the U.S. illegally by their illegal-alien parents, in defiance of U.S. law.

From the stage Wednesday, Pelosi thanked the parents of one of these angry illegals for bringing him to the United States illegally. 

This is who Democrats are, and what they want:  More illegals--which just happens to give them more Dem voters, forever.  Fine deal for the Dems, eh?

In 2012 former emperor Obama ordered federal employees to defy U.S. law by not deporting any of these people--a program cleverly mis-named "DACA"--Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

Not "illegal aliens."  Simply "Arrivals."  Named so no one outside the Beltway who wasn't part of the elites could readily see what the order really was, or who it affected, or what it did.

President Trump rescinded the emperor's unconstitutional order last month, and urged Congress to replace it within six months.

Democrat leader Pelosi promised her illegal supporter that a clean "Dream Act" would be passed before December.

And Trump has already signalled he will sign it.  Amazing.

Tell Trump and your representatives that if they pass a bill granting citizenship to the illegal DACA horde, you won't vote for a Republican, and will in fact join the Dems in calling for Trump's impeachment.  They don't seem to understand anything short of that.

Wednesday, October 4

Mainstream media manaage to trivialize the best factory utilization in 13 years

The people who run all the "mainstream" media companies all hate Trump and Republicans and capitalism with a passion.  This is also true of the people who work for the Reuters "news agency."

Wanna see how that affects what they put out as "news"?  Ok, here's an example: the government just anounced that the "U.S. factory index"--a measure of how busy factories are--hit a high not seen in 13.5 years.  That's tremendously good news, and unless it could be countered, average Americans might get the idea that Trump's policies lead to...uh...more prosperity.  

Lord knows Democrats can't have that!  So Reuters needed to work hard to find a headline that would trivialize this great news.  And they ran the story under the following headline:

  "Hurricanes Harvey, Irma lift U.S. factory activity index to 13-year high"

But that headline is crap.  Utter, complete crap.  Because virtually no factory can gear up by a measurable amount in response to the hurricanes in the month or so since they hit.  Oh sure, the folks that make bottled water might add a shift, but that wouldn't make a blip.

But see how cleverly the media trivialized great news:  So most Americans think the great news isn't due to improved business confidence because of Trump's policies, but to the twin disasters of the two hurricanes.

In fact I'm a little surprised that they didn't spin the headline even more, spinning the record factory utilization as *bad news* because of the hurricanes--which of course would be blamed on Trump pulling the U.S. out of the Paris climate agreement.

Rat-bastard Lying Media.