Thursday, December 7

A modest resolution to reduce murders of Israeli civilians by palestinians

Under the regime of your former emperor (for new readers that would be the ghastly Obama) the U.S. sent billions of taxpayer dollars to the "Palestinian Authority," supposedly as aid to the supposedly-oppressed palestinians.

He did this despite the fact that the Pali leadership makes monthly payments to families of Palistinian suicide bombers, and those who cross into Israel and kill Israeli citizens.  This practice struck most members of congress as terrible, since it logically gave fanatics a big incentive to kill Israelis.  So congress passed a resolution barring his regime from giving money to the Palis unless they stopped doing that.

But Obozo defied the resolution, and had his corrupt State Dept, under John F'n Kerry, give the Palis another half-Billion bucks, courtesy of American taxpayers. 

Sweet deal for the Pali's, eh?  Not so sweet for Americans.  But hey, can't blame Obozo for wanting to take care of his people, right?

Well Tuesday the House overwhelmingly approved legislation that would cut off U.S. taxpayer aid to the de facto Palestinian government if it continues to aid terrorists.

With unanimous consent, the swift passage of the Taylor Force Act brings the United States one step closer to stripping American funding from the Palestinian Authority until it ends its "pay to slay" policy, which distributes $300 million to terrorists and their families annually. The legislation now heads to the senate for a vote.

Watch for Democrat senators to scream in outrage, because...well, Leftists.  Watch for them to denounce Republicans, and threaten Trump if he signs the bill into law.

Wednesday, December 6

School teacher watches porn during school hours, jokes about sex in meetings, still teaching

For years Wisconsin was a thoroughly Democrat-controlled state, until a majority of its voters finally decided they'd had enough and elected a Republican governor.  But the corruption that disgusted the state's voters is deeply embedded--as you'll see.

A 7th-grade teacher at a public school was reported by another teacher for viewing and sharing porn on his school computer and with his school email account--during working hours.  The school district investigated and concluded that the allegations were true.  (summary report here).

The district's report noted a comment he had made about a seventh grade female student who was struggling to grasp the material being taught.  It noted that the teacher commented that the girl "should brush up on her blowjob skills because that's all she'll be good at later in life."  The board also found that the teacher retaliated against and harassed the teacher who first reported his behavior.

Charmer, eh?  So based on the findings of its investigation, in May 2010 the board voted to fire the guy.  They also recommended that his state teaching license be revoked.  These actions were reported to the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

So far, a big ho-hum, right?  I mean, John Conyers, Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer and the whole Democrat elite leadership has done worse, right?  Why bother even noting some low-level perverted 7th-grade teacher, eh?

Ah.'s where it starts to be...significant.
Turns out the local school board can't revoke a teacher's teaching certificate, no matter how unfit he or she is to teach in a public school.  Only the state superintendent of public instruction can do that.

That superintendent was and is a Democrat, Tony Evers.

Democrat corruptocrat Evers refused to revoke the guy's state license, claiming he didn't have the authority to do so.

Interesting.  If the damn state superintendent of instruction doesn't have the authority to revoke a teaching certificate, who does?

It gets worse:  The cunningly-misnamed "Middleton Education Association"--which is the name the teachers' union cleverly adopted--demanded that the teacher be given his job back.  An arbitrator (gee, wonder who appointed him?) said the firing was unfair, and the teacher was reinstated in his original school.

Not to worry, citizen: the Democrat party immediately condemned the teacher's behavior and urged that he be removed from teaching.

Hahahahaha!  Obviously just kidding.  Actually Evers is now running for governor of the state on the Democrat ticket, hoping to defeat Scott Walker.

Corruption.  Sexual harassment.  Dems are evidently fine with it, as evidenced by the Dem superintendent's refusal to remove the offending teacher from the classroom.

Corrupt FBI agent Strzok changed language of Comey speech to clear Hilliary--before she was even interviewed!

This is huge:  Mueller's chief investigator about alleged "collusion"--an FBI agent named Peter Strzok--not only changed language in Comey's draft of Hillary email findings from "grossly negligent"--a term that would have forced an indictment--to "extremely careless"--a term which has to legal consequences--but also was one of the agents who received Comey's draft of Comey's rehearsed speech exonerating Hillary's clear violation of laws governing handling of classified information.

Did I mention that Comey drafted his "clear her" speech--and emailed it to his subordinates at the FBI for comments--BEFORE he interviewed Hillary?  That is, conclusion before finding the facts.  But hey, no corruption there, right?

And I'll bet you didn't know that when the FBI finally interviewed Hilly--after giving her literally months to erase all traces of her illegal emails of classified documents--they not only didn't put her under oath (which would have made her vulnerable to perjury charges if she was later proven to have lied--but didn't even record the interview!

But hey, there was absolutely no special treatment, citizen!  "Our laws apply equally to everyone," right?  What bullshit.

You would never have learned about any of this if Obama was still emperor.  The Swamp would have kept all this corruption totally secret.

Hopefully you've learned that two or three well-placed, corrupt bastards in the FBI--or in any government agency--can totally subvert justice, charging and convicting the innocent and letting the clearly guilty go free as a bird.  It's a disgrace.  The Founders would have shot the entire bunch for treason.

See the whole story at Ace of Spades.

Unhinged Leftist "comedienne" tweets her rage at the president--must be a day ending in "y"

Rosie O'Donnell is totally nuts--and only slightly crazier than the average Trump-hating leftist idiot.  Here's what she tweeted 4 days ago--with a pic of president Trump:
I think the best response is below:

Actually, click this link and **read the comments.**  Absolutely hysterical.

And here's another totally crazy Leftist/Democrat tweeting his rage about Trump:

Think I'm kidding about crazy?  Kurt Eichenwald is so deranged that he actually sued a guy who posted a flashing dot on a blog.  Seriously.  Claimed the guy was trying to trigger Eichenwald to have a seizure.  Totally, totally nuts.  Like all of 'em.

Double-standards are so frequent now that most don't even notice

If a white teacher were to claim he or she was black, the Left would immediately scream that that was "cultural appropriation" and totally racist, and would demand that everyone denounce him or her as such immediately.

But when a white professor claims to be a Native American in order to be hired as Harvard Law School's "first woman of color," anyone who points that out is called a racist.

Slightly edited from the great Mark Steyn.  Click the link to see his original. Steyn is great.

Tuesday, December 5

After jury acquits illegal alien who killed Steinle, WaPo claims only people mad are white supremacists

On July 1, 2015, 32-year-old Kate Steinle was enjoying a walk on a popular San Francisco pier with her father and a friend when was hit by a gunshot.  She died two hours later in the hospital.

The shooter was an illegal immigrant, Jose Inez Garcia Zarate--a multiple felon who had been deported five times and was on the list to be deported yet again.  He told police he had just found the gun under the bench he was sitting on.  First he claimed that he fired at a sea lion, then changed his story to say that the gun fired accidentally when he picked it up. 

Reportedly he changed his story a second time, claiming the gun fired when he stepped on it.  It would have been useful if the prosecutor had asked him to demonstrate how that happened, because it can't.  But the prosecutor--a resident of ultra-liberal, illegal-alien-loving San Fran--knew his fellow citizens didn't want to make life harder for the unfortunate "immigrant."  (Mainstream papers never used the word "illegal" to describe the killer, cuz...liberal.)

You may have heard that a few days ago a San Fran jury acquitted the illegal-alien felon of all blame for Steinle's death.  The only charge they convicted him on was a gun charge: felon in possession of a gun.

That's all background.  You should have known those facts.  The fact that you almost certainly didn't isn't your fault, because the mainstream Lying Media did their best to minimize and downplay the story.  Cuz, liberal Democrat.  They love those illegal aliens cuz illegals reliably vote Democrat.

So now for the update:  The co-head of the Lying Media--the Washington Post--published a story on the case, under the headline "White Nationalists angered by Mexican immigrant’s acquittal in Steinle killing," suggesting that the outrage over the jury's total exoneration of the "immigrant" for killing Steinle was really a "white nationalist" issue.  The story framed anyone opposed to illegal immigration or sanctuary cities, or supporting building a wall, as racists.

After readers slammed the Post, they changed the headline to "Calls for ‘Kate’s Wall’ emerge after Mexican immigrant’s acquittal in Steinle killing."  Notice that the headline describes Steinle's killer as simply a "Mexican immigrant" instead of an illegal alien and multiple felon who'd been deported 5 times but insisted on illegally re-entering the U.S. again and again.

The Post's intent in publishing this story was to frame the anger over the acquittal of Kate Steinle's killer as a story about white racism.  They want to block the wall, because they want open borders.  They believe the verdict was good, and that illegal immigration is good.  Because they're Leftists.

And unfortunately, they reach a wide audience of uninformed Americans who believe them.

Monday, December 4

Idiot city councilwoman introduces bill to force stores to remove plexiglass bullet shields

In the crime cesspool that is modern Philadelphia, many owners of small deli's and convenience stores have plexiglass bullet-shields separating customers from cashiers.  The shields seem to reduce the number of robberies, because armed thugs can't as easily threaten cashiers.

Seems reasonable.  Which means some assh***e politician is sure to complain about it.

And sure enough, black Philly "councilwoman" Cindy Bass is outraged about the protective shields, claiming that the shields are an "insult" to customers.  Whereupon she introduced a bill that will force store owners to remove the shields.

Actually Bass is only slightly dumber than the average politician--because her bill now has five co-sponsors on the council.  But let's look at why she feels the barriers are horrible and that the city must force owners to remove them:  She says the barriers "stigmatize" customers.  She says owners should hire security guards or add security cameras instead.

Now consider the logic there:  24-hour security guards would cost each store roughly $100,000 per year.  Security cameras are no deterrent at all, as shown by the tens of thousands of crimes caught on such cams every year.  Thugs simply wear masks, and lots aren't even smart enough to care.

Also, how do the plexiglass barriers insult customers worse than armed security guards or security cameras?  Does anyone think Bass won't be back next year to force store owners to remove those too, using the same "logic"?

Welcome to politics, citizen.  And it works the same at every level.

Not sure if this is genuine but if so...horrible
I've enlarged the original looking for any indication that it's photoshopped.  If it's genuine it explains a lot.  Still think Europe isn't being invaded?

Friday, December 1

Moronic university newspaper prints long white-hating rant; must be a day ending in a "Y"

Do many hispanics hate white Americans?  Well one student at a Texas university certainly seems to.  A precious snowflake/communist/idiot by the name of Rudy Martinez wrote a *very* long hate-filled rant against whites, which the hispanic editor of his school's moronic paper decided was faabulous enough to actually print.

Some highlights:  "Whiteness in the United States is a construct used to perpetuate a system of racist power."  “White death will mean liberation for all.”  "I hate [whites] because you shouldn’t exist,”

 Texas State University's student newspaper has been criticized for running a column on how being white is "an abomination."

When a few hundred commenters complained about this, the idiot, racist *editor* of this rag made a typical liberal non-apology, saying “We acknowledge that the column could have been clearer in its message."

"Could have been clearer"?  No, the piece was totally clear:  The author hates whites, and the editor either agrees with the message or is merely totally incompetent in printing it.

Civil war.  It's coming.

Tuesday, November 28

NY professor claims "white families" support white supremacy just by existing

By now it's well-known that the socialists, militant feminists and marxists (all of whom cunningly call themselves "progressives") who rule universities hate white people.  They also hate white families.

Naturally you think that's hyperbole:  You can't imagine why anyone would hate the justly-praised concept of "the family"--the basic building-block of civilized society.  I understand.  It's crazy--which is par for the course for these wackos.

So click here to see for yourself as a sociology professor at the City University of New York argues that “the white-nuclear family” perpetuates racism.

Jessie Daniels--a self-described “expert on race”-- begins by declaring that “the white-nuclear family is one of the most powerful forces supporting white supremacy.”

This malevolent, evil orc believes raising and providing for children is deplorable, even though study after study shows that children raised in intact, well-adjusted families are far more likely to be productive, well-adjusted adults.  They're far less likely to commit crimes or abuse others.

Nevertheless, marxists, fans of black power and militant feminists demonize white families.  Marxists see the family as reducing the power of the totalitarian State.  Militant feminists hate the classic family because it relied on a confident, competent father--something militant feminists hate.

You'd think that rational blacks would support the idea of the nuclear family because of its obvious advantages in raising well-adjusted, functional children.  But by all appearances militant blacks seem to denigrate the idea of family, probably for the same reason so many moronic, angry black thugs ridicule blacks who study hard and do well in school:  They view it as "acting white."

Similarly, one could speculate that militant blacks hate the idea of the nuclear family simply because whites support the idea.  Thus any black person who supports the idea of the nuclear family is demonized for "acting white."

Twisted freaks like this female professor are trying to destroy the family.  Her co-religionists in academia or militant feminism may believe they're doing this in the insane belief that this will make a better world.  I think that's clearly nuts, but in any case their reasons for trying to destroy families don't matter to me at all.  These people are enemies of civilization. 

And crazy.

Monday, November 27

Another New York horror story

In the cesspool of crime and dysfunction that is New York City, three "teenagers" armed with a machete yanked open the door of a cab and began swinging the weapon at the passengers.

The cab driver reached out to try to protect one of his passengers--and the attackers cut off his thumb.

The injured man is disabled for life.

So what happened to the attackers?  They were caught, and booked.  Then one of New York's infamous liberal judges did what they do:  he let the attackers out on a minuscule $200 bail.

Does anyone anywhere think this could possibly serve as even a tiny deterrent?  What have the attackers learned?  That you can attack people with a deadly weapon, and cut off a person's thumb, and spend just a few hours in jail before being released, with less inconvenience than a traffic ticket.

It's insane.  Oh wait--it's liberal judges in New York.  So of course it's insane.

Sunday, November 26

NY Times calls Manson a "harbinger of the far..." WHAT?

After the long-overdue death of the ghastly Charlie Manson, the NY Times ran the following:

To claim Manson was "a harbinger of today's far right" is absurd, and shows how eager the Left is to lie about historical facts to advance their narrative among their moronic followers--including coastal university students.  Manson repeatedly claimed he wanted to "kill the pigs," and the rich--as did leftists Bernadette Dohrn, Obozo's pal Bill Ayers and the leftist/communist "SDS." It was a constant refrain.

Of course no one under 30--so none of today's college students--has any idea what Manson was really about, since they weren't born when he ordered his followers to murder Sharon Tate and the Labiancas.

Typical Leftist revisionist-history.  Thanks, Times.

Three males rape 14-year-old at gunpoint; only one mainstream media outlet covers it

When Donald Trump makes some silly tweet, the Lying Mainstream Media will have that all over the airwaves for two days.  But when a crime is committed that hurts The Narrative--the one pushed by socialists, liberals, Democrats and their allies in the Lying Mainstream Media--you almost never read about it in the mainstream media.

By contrast, if a small hometown newspaper or TV station fails to report a heinous crime, they get lots of heat from subscribers and viewers, which translates into lost income that can hurt the paper or station.  So the "locals" are essentially forced to cover and broadcast stories the national media is rarely interested in telling you about.

Before the Internet, Americans living outside the reach of the local paper or station had no way of learning about such crimes.  But now lots of sites exist that get "feeds" from local stations and let you see what's really happening.  And guess what?  It's vastly different from the bullshit the mainstream media is feeding you.

Latest case:  Two months ago a 14-year-old girl at the local county fair was raped at gunpoint by three black teenagers.  All three went to the same school, and she knew all three and identified them by name.

All three were picked up, charged, and released on ridiculously low bail ($25,000).

After they were released the victim said she received a picture on her cell phone from one of the attackers showing him holding a gun she believed was the one used in the assault.  She also said one of the attackers texted her telling her to "stop lying."

With that background, a local reporter asked school officials if the now-released rapists would be allowed to attend the same school as the victim.  This was a concern because the attackers had already threatened the victim via cell phone picture and texts.  The head of the local school board said he didn't know, and that the reporter should ask the superintendent.

This was already an outrage, now compounded by the school board never even considering the fact that if the attackers were allowed to attend their normal school they would continue to intimidate the victim.  "Not a problem," the board seemed to say.  Or at least, not *their* problem.

The members of the school board are idiots.  Morons.  They're totally unconcerned about putting this poor 14-year-old at risk of being intimidated for *months,* and possibly attacked *again,* because the board members weren't willing to buck their virtue-signalling peers.  Speculation?  Well, here are the alleged assailants:

Friday, November 24

There's a war going on in the U.S.

There is a war going on in this country.

It hasn't yet gotten to dead bodies--not many, anyway--but nevertheless it is real war.  It’s a war for the future of our nation, and it will affect everyone.

The war was started by the Left, to seize power and eliminate anyone who would teach that their philosophy is awful.  They seek to change the entire workings of our country.  They want to remake every institution they can, with themselves in control. 

They believe all power should rightfully be theirs because in their minds they're morally superior to conservatives an Christians, and that their ideas and programs will produce superior results.

They believe nothing is off-limits in this war because they must win to root out what they believe is the injustice inherent in our country’s institutions and the roughly half of its people who Hilliary described--with the total agreement of everyone on the Left--as "deplorable."  

The war began in the 1960s, pushed by the radicals of the Frankfurt School, furthered by the activities of Herbert Marcuse, Howard Zinn, Bill Ayers, and the leftist academic institutions we send our children to.  They have taken over institution after institution in a long, calculated preparation for this war.

First the universities and Hollywood, then the major media outlets such as the NY Times, the Washington Post, most journalism schools, all the major television networks, and most cable news outlets.  They took over the entire education system, public and private. 

They control the Democrat party and have thoroughly infiltrated the RINO wing of the Republicans.  Despite winning the presidency and nominal majorities in both chambers of the rightfully-despised congress, deep-state leftists control every one of our government institutions (bureaucracies).  And they hate conservatives and Christians.

Obviously not every member of these institutions is a hard leftist, but the left has managed to seize control of *all of them.* 

Examples of the current battles in the war:
    Demanding unlimited immigration (open borders)
    Junking the Constitution as the "supreme law of the land"
    Black lives matter, NFL kneeling, and the war on being white
    The absolutely correct belief that "connected" people can violate the law with impunity (i.e. two sets of laws, one for them, one for "ordinary" people)
    Powerful Hollywood males preying on children
    The war on traditional families
    Demands by the Left that society bow to transgenderism
    Demands by the Left that the military not only accept transgender enlistees but also pay for their sex-change operations!
    Demands by the Left that radical parents be allowed to encourage their confused kids to undergo "gender reassignment"
    The left's attempt to kill our economy based on bogus claims that we're causing the planet to warm by a worrisome amount
    The Left seizing control of health insurance, and trying to extend this to all healthcare
    Intentionally racking up a $20 Trillion deficit
    Supporting radical Islam but demonizing Judeo-Christian culture
    Teaching that socialism is a great idea, while demonizing capitalism and free markets.
    Teaching our youth that the U.S. is evil

It's important to understand that all these battles are going on simultaneously.  We aren’t just fighting on two fronts, but dozens at once.  It’s a strategy designed to overwhelm the Left's opponents--us-- into giving up.

Unfortunately, we on the right don't have a good organization to counter the tactics of the left.  The party we thought was opposed to the Left and represented us doesn’t even know we’re in a war.  Half of them are actually working for the Left.  They think leftists are their friends, because they invite the nominal Republican leaders to parties.

The lack of conservative leadership on the part of the Republican party is at least partly responsible for why--except for Trump's miraculous election--conservatives haven't had a single policy victory since Reagan.

Far too many nominal Republican congresswhores--McCain, Flake, Corker, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski and many others--are indistinguishable from Democrats.  They don’t support any goals of conservatives.

This brings us to the next battle:  The Left and their RINO allies are trying to impeach Trump.  One by one they're peeling off nominal Republican congresswhores, and when they believe they've got a one-vote majority to impeach, they'll force a vote.  And if that succeeds, the odds are great that they'll be able to convict in the senate, which is even more infiltrated with Democrat plants on the Republican side than the House.

This war isn't metaphorical, and the consequences of losing won't be confined to esoterica like "net neutrality" or tweaks in the tax code.  Rather, the battle is for whether the U.S. stays relatively free, with free markets, or goes full socialist.  Because the left has convinced America's young people that socialism is good, and that free enterprise and capitalism are evil.

And each battle is absolutely filled with lies from the left.  It’s their M.O.  Tokyo Rose is their model.  Hillary is their face.

Think the results of losing will be esoteric, along the lines of who wins the superbowl?  Think again: Take a look at Venezuela.  From having the highest per-capita income in South America 25 years ago, now they're starving. 

25 years ago their base currency unit--the "bolivar"--had about the same buying power as a dollar.  This past January it took 3,100 bolivars to buy a dollar.

On November 1st--a bit over three weeks ago--it took 41,000 bolivars to buy a dollar.

A scant three weeks later--i.e. two days ago--the bolivar had fallen to 84,000 to the dollar.

Unless you're a student of foreign economics you probably don't have any idea why this happened, but the short answer is that Venezuela's socialist leaders promised freebies to voters while simultaneously imposing killing regulations on businesses.  With much of the economy killed, tax receipts fell sharply.  The socialists couldn't pay for all the things they'd promised.

If we fail to defeat the "deep state" created by the left, we'll be doomed to follow Venezuela.  I don't know if there are enough Americans remaining who believe in freedom to win the day.  But if we lose, you can't say you didn't know there was a war going on.

Matthew Dowd--ABC "political analyst"--defends sex assault as long as the perp is a Dem

Matthew Dowd is "chief political analyst" for the ABC network. You probably haven't heard of him, but you need to know him to understand how thoroughly the Lying Media and the self-styled "elites" hate conservatives, Christians and America.

As more women came forward to accuse Democrat moonbat senator Al Franken--once amusingly billed as a "comedian"--Dowd told idiot moonbat readers that in essence,assaulting women wasn't a big deal IF the assailant was "working for the common good."

And who gets to define that term? Why, liberals, of course--people like him.

Got it?  "Huge difference."  I.e. double-standard.  But it's okay, citizen, cuz he's a Democrat/liberal.

And in that vein, what do you think he'd say about the wholesale murder of Christians by Muslims throughout the world?  Take a look:

How often is a Muslim murdered in the U.S?  But according to Dowd, this a "bigger problem" than Muslim murders of Christians--which happen about every week around the world.

But always remember what the Dems and the Lying Media tell you, citizen:  There is absolutely NO bias in the media.

Lying rat-bastards.

Wednesday, November 22

MSNBC leftist host laughs that the ambush of Rand Paul "might be one of my favorite stories"

A couple of days ago a leftist MSNBC "news" hostess--apparently eager for ambush-style assaults and then presumably civil war--did a very short piece about the blind-side ambush of senator Rand Paul by a socialist asshole (but I repeat myself) in which she laughed and said "I think this might be one of my favorite stories." 

Naturally you can't believe even a moronic, assault-loving Leftist would say something that awful on a nationwide cable channel.  So take a look at the vid below.

The mainstream media--and the Left--hate you.  They hate Trump, and God, and conservatives, and Christians.  And all while they have the gall to proclaim how utterly, faaabulously tolerant they are.

Utter hypocrites.  And scum.

Newsweek compares Trump to Charles Manson

Newsweek was once a weekly magazine left-wing propaganda rag along the lines of Time Magazine.  Their relentless anti-American propaganda turned off lots of folks--too many, as it turned out--and the company that published the rag ended up being sold dollar.

I don't mean the magazine sold at news-stands for a dollar, but the whole company ended up being sold for a single dollar.  Seriously.  They decided they could save money by not publishing a paper copy, and the rag is now on-line only.

Sorta like they're blogging, but getting paid more.

You might think they'd have learned from the debacle, but of course they're leftists so they're simply not capable of learning.  I suspect a great many communists who got on the sh*t-list of the ruler continued to believe communism--and the ruler--were both jus' f'ing wonderful right up until the very moment the bullet penetrated their skull.

So the day after infamous crazy bastard Charlie Manson went to his just reward, the sleazy, Trump-hating rat-bastards at Newsweek tweeted a pic of Manson with the caption
How murderer Charles Manson and President Donald Trump used similar language to gain followers.
Naturally you can't believe even a bunch of insane, Trump-hating Leftists would really do that, so click here to see their tweet.

The Left really does hate you, and Trump, and America as you know it.  They pose as virtuous, claim to be tolerant, but they really want open borders and communism (though they'll charmingly say "socialism" instead, because "communism" disturbing associations for people over 40 or so.)

And they're slowly winning:  Polls show more east-coast college students would rather live under socialism then a capitalist system.

Explains SO much, eh?  The "elites" know who they can influence most.

Oh, and a bit of trivia for the moron leftists at Newzweak:  Manson actually wasn't a murderer.  Didn't kill anyone.  Really.  He just did what "leading" leftists have done for over a century:  he talked some useful idiots into killing people for him.  But no one with an IQ over two digits would expect anyone one the left to do any actual, y'know, research before publishing.

Typical.  And this is what they call "journalism," eh?

What do current trends tell us about the future of the United States?

As some of you may have noticed, a big chunk of American 25 to 30-year+olds have either moved back in with their parents, or have never left home by that age.

In big cities young people are waiting much longer to get married, and even longer to have a first child.  And it makes sense:  It's more fun to hang with your friends and vacation in pricey locales.  Hard to do that when you're married.  And with a huge percentage of marriages ending in ruinously expensive divorce, why risk it?

But the malaise goes far deeper.  Since 2000, teens have become considerably less likely to drive, have an after-school job and date. By the early 2010s 12th graders were going on dates less often than 8th graders did in the 1990s."  As some have phrased it, 25 is the new 18.

An increasing percentage of young people are living with their parents--nearly twice the percentage of 1964.  The phenomenon is even worse in Europe, where almost half of 18-29 year olds are still living with their parents, with young men most likely to find themselves living at home."

The elites are writing reams of articles on the likely cause of this and whether it's anything to be concerned about.  Most of those on the Left seem to be pleased with this trend:  they hate capitalism and freedom and have long believed there are too many people in the relatively affluent west.  If western nations die off, they've achieved their goals. 

Certainly one obvious result of this trend is that birth rates in almost all developed nations--and particularly in western Europe-- are now either at or below the replacement level

Let me repeat that: Not a single EU member country has a birthrate high enough to keep their populations from shrinking.

To the extent the Left notices the phenomenon at all, it's to use it to claim that it's all due to the alleged evils of capitalism.  Some have charged that the reason today's young people are living at home is that they can't find good jobs--a problem the Left blames on capitalism, never on waves of illegal immigrants produced by open borders and a relatively strong economy.  

First, jobs are available.  But so many young people have been coddled and spoiled to the point that they don't want to take a minimum-wage job, but will hold out for one that will pay 'em what they amusingly think they're worth.  Unfortunately they're helped in this delusion by the fact that big companies hire "diversity coordinators"--or even diversity vice-presidents, fer cryin' out loud--at enormous salaries.
I suspect that in the U.S. and most European countries the real reason youth unemployment is high because the welfare policies of socialist governments have made it possible for single people with no children to live fairly comfortably without having to work.  While one would have a hard time supporting a wife or family on a welfare budget, for a single person living in public housing, in a city where you don't need a car because of good public transit, it could be fairly comfortable.

In which case, why would a cool, personable, attractive single person want a minimum-wage job when you can hang with your friends all day playing video games and then hit your local bar at night?  And this again mitigates against getting married and starting a family.

When a guy has a family he has a far higher motivation to get and keep a good job.  It's the cliche of "I may not want to do this but I have to or my family will suffer."  But with the welfare state this changes to "If I don't want to work, why should I have to?"  That strikes me as a very profound shift.

Monday, November 20

Ignorance--it's not just for Democrats!

In the wake of the totally-ignored-by-the-Lying-Media corruption trial of a Democrat senator for New Jersey, a professor from that state made an interesting observation:
My college freshman students in NJ didn't know last Thursday [the day the trial ended in a hung jury] that their Sen. Menendez had been on trial for corruption.  Even more unsettling, almost none knew Menendez is a U.S. senator for their state.
The Lying Media have done a great job--at least from the Democrat standpoint--of ignoring Democrat lawbreaking and corruption.  The vast majority of college students know nothing of major political current events.  But they know every detail of the Kardashians' latest idiocy.

Talk with your kids.  Ask 'em what they think of...anything of importance.  Find out what they believe.  Then tell 'em what the Lying Media won't.

The difference between Democrats and socialists explained


Actually this isn't quite accurate, cuz socialists are *very* comfortable with using deadly force against anyone they see as their enemies. But close enough!