Saturday, August 28

MSM low-balls crowd estimates at conservative rally

Radio talk-show host Glen Beck hosted a rally in DC to benefit the Special Operations Warrior Fund. Here are some pics:

Here's one from farther back, apparently shot from the top of the Washington Monument:

Finally, here's one looking back toward the WW2 memorial and the Wash. monument. As you can see, some people were clear back on the slope leading up to the monument, east of the WW2 memorial. (It's almost a mile from the Lincoln memorial to the monument.)

Now here's your task: Look carefully at the 3 pics above. How many people do you think were present?

Now, what do you think the professional editors at CBS News--with their vaunted "layers upon layers of fact-checkers"--estimated?


You probably think I'm just kidding, because that's such a ludicrously low estimate that no self-respecting outfit would publish such an obvious piece of propaganda.

Okay, you got me. I have a lot of contempt for the MSM, so I don't blame you for being skeptical. So click on the link above to find out what they really said.

Back already? Pretty amazing when you see pics like this with your own eyes (and they're not fakes or photoshopped), and then see something on the CBS website that so...craptacularly violates the truth.

Kinda makes ya wonder how they can think they can get away with lying so blatantly. Oh, wait, that's it: Before about eight years ago they knew only a handful of people in the world could catch them in the lie--and since those people didn't own television networks or newspapers, CBS and cronies just sort of said "Screw 'em--we'll say whatever we want!"

Once you get infected with that particular disease, it takes more than a few years to lose the bad habit.

And finally it occurs to ya to wonder (usually about 3a.m.): If the MSM lies so brazenly about something so relatively trivial, do you suppose they'd lie equally brazenly to achieve an objective that was really important to the Left?

Naaah, if something was really critical--like the actual estimated cost of national health care, or what the "Card Check" bill will actually do--I'm sure they'd tell you the truth.

Oh, absolutely.


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