Monday, August 30

The Obama/Democrat playbook?

A commenter at Belmont Club thinks Obama (with the full support of Reid, Pelosi and virtually all Democratic congresscritters) is following these steps:

1. Pass laws that commit the federal govt to vast new, never-ending programs.
2. These programs will create enormous deficits--the great bulk of which don't kick in for 3 years.
3. Propose to cut these massive deficits by raising taxes on businesses and "the rich"....
4. ...and by cutting the military budget--which reduces our ability to react to crises.
5. Insult traditional U.S. allies and kowtow to adversaries.
6. Either use the courts to re-interpret the Constitution ("living document") or simply ignore it.
7. Weaken the dollar so much that it loses its position as the world's "reserve currency."
8. Order the Justice Department to selectively enforce laws--particularly on immigration and voting rights--which strengthens the Democratic vote.
9. Steal elections.
10. Result: America loses its exceptionalism and becomes a second-rate country.



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