Wednesday, August 25

To the 52-ers: We understand. Really

Dear 52-ers:

We understand that after 20-odd months of Obama's policies, a lot of you belatedly understand what liberalism, progressivism, and a 'socialist society' means.

And while the hard-core Left loves it, a lot of you who voted for O don't like it all. You may even be feeling embarrassed that you were duped by a charismatic politician who turned out to be a blame-America socialist.

Well, this is for you: It wasn't your fault.

The MFM carefully avoided revealing anything that might have made you leery of Obama. Like his refusal to release any college records, his membership in the New Socialist Party, his lack of any experience to speak of; the elaborate tap-dance around his refusal to release an honest *long-form* birth certificate; his tendency to vote "present" on hard ones and so on.

Unless you were reading conservative blogs, you had no way of knowing what the guy was really all about. Instead you were entranced by the idea of electing a Democrat and a mixed-race guy as president. (His race isn't the problem.)

Hey, we understand.

Hopefully your kids--and their kids--will be just as understanding.


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