Tuesday, December 14

Lefty narcissist embarrasses U.S. government

As everyone knows by now, "Wikileaks"--the creation of an odd duck by the name of Julian Assange--has released a file containing roughly a quarter of a million classified cables from State Department and military sources--including sensitive battlefield intel from informants in Iraq and Afghanistan.

So far the cables have been about as interesting as listening to two highschool girls gossiping: Some foreign government staffer thinks his boss is incompetent. Oh no!! And can you believe that dress Janelle wore to the party??

Of course the organization may have more damaging stuff, but so far it's pretty unimpressive.

But even the innocuous stuff released so far has caused significant damage to the U.S.--simply because fewer members of foreign governments--or just foreign citizens with information--will be willing to work with us. After all, our government doesn't prosecute those who leak secret diplomatic and military cables, so they have every reason to expect this same thing will happen again in the future.

Of course, to Julian Assange--seemingly a classic narcissist--this is insignificant compared to the chance to grab the world's attention for a period and simultaneously embarrass the U.S. Gaze upon his greatness, ye mighty, and dispair!

I mean, what leftist wouldn't absolutely love to be in this position, sticking it to The Man? He's even declared that he has a Doomsday Device--a cache of Especially Sensitive Documents that he's encrypted and sent to a dozen news agencies around the globe. If anyone in the U.S. government should dare to prosecute him, his associates release the key and presumably the U.S. government dies of acute embarrassment.

Truly, this is every left-wing bomb-thrower's wet dream. And lefty chicks are leaving comments to the effect that they find this behavior extremely attractive.

Victor Hanson is highly unimpressed.
Like all narcissists, when reminded that his recklessness will lead to violence, mayhem, and deaths, he dismisses such dangers as insignificant in comparison to the benevolence that he bestows.

Lefty narcissists. Who could possibly foresee anything going wrong with that combination?


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