Wednesday, September 21

Time Mag writer: "Solyndra is perfectly sound."

Time Magazine has been a pro-Democrat mouthpiece for my entire life. They're a lot like the NYTimes: never met a Democrat or Dem idea they didn't like, but they're death on any proposal made by the GOP.

So I wasn't too surprised to read a column by a prestitute of an employee for Time named Michael Grunwald, opining on the recently bankrupt Solyndra. Grunwald's main point seemed to be to get snippy with Republicans who were starting to ask pointed questions about the company--like how they managed to walk off with half a Billion of taxpayer funded loans, when their business plan was garbage from the get-go.

I happened to visit Solyndra’s headquarters today, so maybe I can help the Republicans with their investigation. For starters, the reports of Solyndra’s death have been greatly exaggerated. And while reasonable people can disagree about the loan guarantee program, it’s not the boondoggle its critics suggest.
Wow. So much snark and so many errors packed into such a small paragraph! Grunwald's column was dated June 24th of this year. The company filed for bankruptcy August 31st. So Grunwald's soothing reassurances lasted all of two months or so.

Grunwald also take pains to reassure readers that the Obama administration's "loan guarantee program" isn't a boondoggle. But what else would you call it when a company shakes the taxpayers down for half a billion bucks and still fails. Sound management, Democrat style?

Go read Grunwalds article. Guy is so full of crap I'm surprised he can see to type.


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