Thursday, May 17

Dem congresswhores introduce bill to kill photo-ID-to-vote laws

To no one's surprise, congressional Democrats have introduced a bill to curtail state efforts to show a photo ID to vote.

But of course they couldn't let anyone describe it that way, so here's how that Dem hothouse The Hill described it:
"House Democrats push to make voting easier" [not "push to block state laws designed to reduce vote fraud"].

House Democratic leaders on Thursday introduced legislation to streamline Americans' trips to the polls.
" streamline Americans' trips to the polls," huh? Can there be a more obvious example of spin or propaganda?  In their effort to support a bill to block states from reducing vote fraud, by requiring photo ID to vote, the Hill calls it something innocuous and glitzy--streamlining. Call it anything but what it is. Why not just claim the Democrat bill will put an extra thousand bucks in everyone's pocket while you're at it? Makes as much sense as what you're doing.
The bill is a response to a slew of recent state legislation – some proposed, some already law – setting stricter standards for voters to register or cast a ballot.
Supporters of those state efforts — including new picture ID and proof-of-citizenship requirements – say they're necessary to weed out ineligible voters and maintain the integrity of elections. But critics contend they're designed to suppress eligible voters, particularly minorities and low-income Americans who tend to vote Democratic.
At issue are a growing list of state laws recently pushed – usually by Republican lawmakers – aimed at preventing voter fraud. Since the start of 2011, at least 14 states have enacted – or are about to enact – new voting restrictions that will affect this year's presidential election, according to New York University Law School's Brennan Center for Justice. Eight states have passed new photo ID laws, while the number of states with proof-of-citizenship requirements has doubled over the same span, the Brennan Center found.
In all, 176 restrictive bills have been proposed over the last 18 months in 41 states, according to the Brennan Center.
"Voter ID is not a problem. Everybody that goes to vote shows some form of ID," [Democrat congressman James] Clyburn said. [That's utter bullshit.] "The big problem has been the process…you go through to get there."
The Democrats decried the cost of some required IDs, comparing them to the poll taxes that discouraged poor citizens from voting generations ago.
Lord help me, I'm beginning to hate these lying, election-stealing bastards. How the hell can anyone be sure an election is honest if people can vote without showing photo ID? Because once a ballot makes it to the box it's impossible to tell which ones are fraudulent.


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