Wednesday, May 16

Greek bank run, latest act in a long, tragic play

The financial storm in Greece continues, as Greek depositors withdrew €700 million ($898 million) from local banks Monday.

$900 million may not seem like much to Americans--accustomed as we've become to trillion-dollar deficits--but to a small nation like Greece that's a big number, and shows that Greeks are worried about not being able to get their own money out of their bank if everything hits the fan.

Okay, you're probably wondering why most Americans would care about a bank run in Greece. It's because Greece is us a dozen years from now.

To put it another way: As my father often said, politicians regularly vote to repeal the law of gravity--meaning they pass laws that have no basis in reality. But numbers can't be bluffed or fooled for very long, even by politicians. Despite all the cover and propaganda of the Lying Media, eventually reality asserts itself.

And at that point, if a nation's leaders have been playing fast and loose with numbers and policies, the shit hits the fan.

And at that point, guess who bears the pain?

Hint: It ain't the lying politicians--at least not since the French revolution. They jet off to their carefully prepared (and hidden) refuges in Switzerland and live the good life, while the rest of us deal with the crap-sandwich here in the country their nutty, self-serving policies destroyed.

Watch the events play out in Greece. Because they're coming here soon.


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