Sunday, May 20

More on the most massive fraud ever

If you were president and your legitimacy to hold that office was challenged because of controversy over your birthplace--and you loved the U.S. and wanted to completely reassure all Americans that you held the office legally--wouldn't you direct your alleged birth state to release every scrap of information it had on file?

Of course you would.

Obama, of course, did no such thing--which allowed the Dem governor of Hawaii to claim that much as they wanted to, by law they simply could not release Obie's actual, original birth records without his permission. So...tough shit, skeptics.

Obie had a chance to order a full release of documents, which would presumably have reassured all Americans. Instead he dodged. And even Democrats must know--on some deeply buried level--the reason he did so.

Combine this with Obama's snappy parry to a charge by Alan Keyes, during a debate when the two were vying for the Illinois senate seat in 2004. Keyes remarked that Obie had been born in Kenya. Obie quickly replied, in essence, "But I'm not running for president, so that's not a problem," That certainly seems to be a tacit admission that he was born in Kenya.

So now consider: What utter contempt for American values, law and the Constitution does it show that a man who knew he was ineligible to be president--per the clear language of our nation's highest law--and who had in fact for 17 years had publically claimed (in his publisher's biographical sketch, which Obie presumably had to either write or at least approve) that he'd been born in Kenya, would nevertheless run for that office?

And consider the pure evil of someone like Bill Ayers and the other leftists in the publishing chain, who knew from 1991 on that Obama had claimed Kenyan birth but said nothing--aiding in a fraud of epic proportions. How much must they hate America, to be willing to perpetrate such a massive fraud?

Next, consider top Democrat congresswhores, like Pelosi and Reid. With all the resources of the federal government at their command, those two had to have known as well. Yet not only did they say nothing, Pelosi actually had to certify to election officials in all 57 states that Obozo met all the Consitutional requirements to serve as the Democratic party's nominee for president.

Think Reid and Pelosi might have long since sanitized all files and crafted their "Oh my NO, I had NO IDEA!!" speeches?

Finally, consider the growing "cognitive dissonance" surely being experienced by at least the ten or twenty percent of Dem voters who are smart enough to understand the implications of a promotional bio from Obie's publisher, updated at least annually for 17 *years*--each time reiterating that Obama was born in Kenya: It's gotta be dawning on them that their unquestioning support of an unvetted cipher swung the election and gave the massive payoff to a breathtaking fraud on the American public.

Of course many Dems are probably comfortable with such a massive fraud. But surely a few must be starting to see the truth. And feeling...what?

Again, I realize most Democrats/leftists/"progressives" couldn't care less if Barky isn't legally qualified to be president. To them the Constitution is just a worthless piece of paper. But surely a few are honest and thoughtful. And you'd think that small group might be feeling some discomfort right now.

Wait, they're Democrats. What was I thinking?


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