Monday, May 28

NY Post story exposes Kennedys as spoiled, crude, ghastly brats

Recently the estranged wife of Robert Kennedy Jr. apparently killed herself. Now the NY Post has run a story on the family, keynoted by a woman who was formerly married to Kennedy hanger-on Peter Lawford.

Click the link and read the story. It'll get your attention. This is particularly important if you're a liberal/Dem/"progressive" who believed the Kennedys were "American royalty."

In essence, the Post says virtually every member of the family was messed up beyond words. Seriously, reading the story will make your skin crawl.

One thing that gives you pause in reading the story is, if even half of it is true, how in the hell did none of this show up in the newspapers of the day? Why didn't a single reporter tell us candidly--back then, when it could have mattered--how evil and messed up the family was?

And then I realized: This is exactly what the Lying Media did with Obozo--ignored all the ghastly negatives that might have given voters an accurate picture of who he really was, and instead pushed this fable of a politician who virtually walked on water.

Some things never change, eh? Lying Media: always in the tank for the Dems, way back in 1960 and still true today. Whitewash, fabricate, cover up all flaws and records of bad behavior of Dem pols. It's worked for decades, so why change a winning game plan?


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