Wednesday, May 16

Obozo's "porkulus" wastes another $24 mill

Another coup for Obambi's "stimulus" program: The feds gave West Virginia $24 million in "stimulus" money--i.e. your tax dollars (or more accurately, dollars borrowed from China) to buy 1,064 top-of-the-line "routers," which it planned to install in lots of schools and libraries.

According to a Cisco salesman the routers are designed to serve 10,000 users each.

The state installed them in some libraries that only had one computer terminal.

Go here to read the whole story.

This is a classic example of how government--at all levels--wastes money. Because govt employees see it as "free," there's no incentive to be efficient in spending it.

In this case it's hard to tell whether the state bureaucrat who ginned this up was simply incompetent or whether he took a bribe. If the media was interested in better government, they'd find out.


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