Monday, July 9


Those of you who pay attention to immigration, borders and gun control know that Brian Terry was a U.S. Border Patrol agent who was killed by a gang of Mexican gunmen about ten miles inside U.S. territory.

That was bad enough. It's the kind of thing that used to start wars--and justifiably so. But to make matters worse, a gun dropped by one of the Mexicans was one of the weapons illegally sold to "straw buyers" by order of Eric Holder's Dept of Injustice, with the full knowledge that the real buyer was Mexican drug gangs. This was under the infamous Operation Fast and Furious, about which Holder refuses to disclose certain information to congress.

Now the next shoe has dropped, and it's even worse: When Agent Terry and his squad confronted the heavily-armed Mexican gang members--again, well inside U.S. territory--they ordered the intruders to drop their weapons. Not surprisingly, the heavily armed Mexicans didn't comply, so in accordance with the policy handed down by Border Patrol executives, Agent Terry's squad fired beanbag rounds at them.

So not only did Eric Holder's justice department sell the Mexican drug cartels the guns that killed Agent Terry, their standing orders also required him to fire beanbag rounds at the heavily armed men who killed him.



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