Friday, July 13

Whoa! Look what's happened to Medicaid!

Medicaid was one of Lyndon Johnson's "great society" welfare programs. It gives "free" (i.e. paid by taxpayers) medical care to people who can't afford it, regardless of their age.

You won't be surprised to learn that it's grown enormously since its creation in 1965.

The graph at right shows the number of employees per medicaid recipient. (Don't know whether this is nationwide or just for Pennsylvania.)

You'll notice the number drops like an anvil from 13:1 (private sector) in 1966 to just 1.9:1 today.

As most of you probably recognized quickly, this graph represents a complete disaster, since it shows that every single private-sector employee is having to pay just over half the total cost of providing medicaid assistance to a person receiving it.

Tell me, oh wise Democrats and liberals: Is there a limit to how low this number can go before the cost per taxpayer grows too high to continue?

The graph shows that Medicaid has exploded in terms of number of people seeking that form of assistance. But of course, innumerate Democrat congresswhores assure us this kind of explosion can't possibly happen to Obamacare, because today's computers are *so* much smarter than in 1966, and we know *so* much more about human behavior than we did then. And all the models say it just won't happen.

Or something like that.

Now check out this graph:

It shows that not only has the number of medicaid recipients per worker been growing exponentially, so have expenditures. And again, bad news for taxpayers.

But good news for Democrats, since it means more folks who can be counted on to vote Democrat, since those receiving "free benefits" surely don't want to lose 'em. In fact they'd like to get *more* freebies.

Liberals: Bribing voters for over a century.


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