Saturday, August 4

Children of illegals will be given priority in green cards

So, ya think we've been having problems with huge numbers of illegal immigrants in the last couple of years? Like, too many?

Just wait--it's about to get much worse.

Reason is that Obozo's executive orders that not only directed federal agents not to deport illegals, but also gave amnesty to "children" of illegal immigrants (as long as they meet a few tough requirements, like having a pulse) have given a huge reward not only to the kids but also to their parents.
That is, Obama's unilateral orders not only removed the penalty for illegally entering the U.S. but also hugely raised the payoff--which is that your kids not only get to stay legally but also get green cards (work permits), and will get these ahead of legal immigrants. At least that's the current word from the office of Rep. Luis Gutierrez (Democrap-Ill.), chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Immigration Taskforce.

Hope and change, baby.

Can you imagine what this socialist son of a bitch will do if he's re-elected?


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