Wednesday, August 1

Conservative religious leaders seek ban on public biking by women

Bicycles are amazing contraptions--efficient, quiet, non-polluting and a stress-free way to get great cardio exercise. So if you're a female and you enjoy riding a bike, you may not be happy to hear this next story.

Seems that a handful of conservative religious leaders have decided that women riding bikes leads to "corruption and prostitution," so they're proposing that women who want to ride only be allowed to do so in their own yard.

And the back yard, at that. Can't go riskin' any o' dat "corruption and prostitution," right?

And as usual, opportunistic big-city politicians eager to curry favor with influential religious leaders have said they'll support the proposed ban.

See?! We told you those eeebil Rethuglican pols were gonna take away a woman's right to choose where she wanted to bicycle! You shoulda listened when you had a chance!

Oh, wait, my internet connection mixed some things up.

Turns out the ban on public biking by females has been proposed by Islamic poobahs in Iran. The big-city mayor agreeing to the ban is the Muslim mayor of Teheran.

But you fine, consistent feminists just keep ignoring the atrocities being committed by muslims on your sisters under Islamic rule, and all will be well.


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