Wednesday, August 1

Media slams Ann Romney For $990 blouse, praises Ms Obama for $6,800 jacket

A few months ago Ann Romney wore a $990 blouse for a media appearance. The mainstream media reacted by accusing the Romneys of being out of touch with average Americans. The Washington Post said wearing the pricey blouse would reinforce this perception "no matter how many laundromat photo ops are on the campaign’s itinerary.”

Then last Friday Michelle Obama attended an Olympics reception wearing a $6,800 jacket. The media reaction was essentially identical to their earlier disdain for Ann Romney's fashion choice, claiming it showed the Obamas were "out of touch" and "unable to empathize with the plight of average Americans."

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! You didn't believe that for a second, did ya!

And you're right. This time the WaPo simply described the intricacies of the jacket and noted that Mrs. Obama has previously been criticized for “not dressing up enough for Queen Elizabeth.” No snide remarks, no outrage over the cost, not even the ghost of a suggestion that Moochelle was “out of touch.”

But there's not a hint of left/liberal bias in the mainstream media. No no no no no. None. Zip. Zilch. In fact, the MSM are all owned by big corporations and therefore are conservative! Yes, repeat after me: "conservative bias!"

And they think all y'all are stupid enough to believe that.

Sad part is, half the population does believe it.


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