Friday, May 17

A union supports Democrats 94% to 6%. It's the union of Treasury Dept employees

You probably could have guessed that employees of the federal gummint's Department of the Treasury--the folks who run the IRS--have a union, the National Treasury Employees Union.

No one will be surprised to learn that in the last election 94% of contributions made by members of that union to either candidates for or members of congress went to Democrats.  Yep, here's the breakdown:

U.S. Senate:
   Contributions to Democrats: $156,750
   Contributions to Republicans: $1,000
U.S. House of Representatives:
    Contributions to Democrats: $391,062
    Contributions to Republicans: $23,000

So what do you think the chances are that NTEU members had a signifcant role in the writing of the recently released report from Treasury's Inspector General concerning the IRS's targeting of conservative organizations?

And finally, what do you think the odds are that the IG's report accurately describes the role of Democrat politicians in creating the policy of targeting conservative groups?


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