Thursday, May 16

Do high-level bureaucrats hugely support Dem presidents?

For those who may wonder how IRS division chiefs could decide to target conservative groups for harassment and delay in approving tax-exempt status for years, while waving liberal groups through in less than a month, consider this:

Government bureaucrats view Republican presidents as occupiers, and Democrat presidents as liberators.

Think about it:  Which party is constantly pushing for a bigger, more powerful federal government?

So if you were a government bureaucrat, which scenario would give you more power, more influence and a bigger salary:  a weaker federal government, or a bigger, more powerful one?

So since power-hungry people are *way* more determined and motivated than the average, over time all government bureaucracies would become all levels but even more so at the top.

And civil-service regulations make it virtually impossible to fire corrupt ones, including those who merely abuse the power of their office.

I'm certainly not implying that all gummint employees are either power-hungry or willing to abuse their powers, but frankly I think this simple, logical mechanism would explain a LOT.


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