Saturday, May 18

Latest Leftist scare-term: "Insurrectionist"

Ever heard the term  "Insurrectionist" ?

It's the latest buzzword in a long line of terms invented by leftists to try to make conservative positions sound absurd or extreme.  Some examples are birthers, denialists (people who don't believe humans are causing whatever tiny amount of global warming may or may not be occurring) and that oh-so-clever double-entendre, "teabaggers."

Their latest propaganda piece, "insurrectionist," is apparently intended to describe anyone who believes in the ordinary, obvious meaning of the second amendment:  "The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

Oooohh, can't have people believing that, eh?  An armed populace is soooo much harder to control!  Leftist/Democrat solution:  disarm those stupid, bitter clingers!

How?  Well for starters, try to get everyone with a gun to self-identify, by demanding--under threat of a huge fine--that everyone register every firearm they own.  Simple, elegant, easy to sell to the sheep.

Oh darn, looks like too many senators were worried about being unelected, so the senate wouldn't go along.  Looks like another "vast right-wing conspiracy"!

Okay, let's go with Plan B:  Start a campaign to paint supporters of the 2nd amendment as crazy anti-government nuts.  Yeh, dat's da ticket.  Sounds good, now we need a vague but scary buzzword.  Ho, we got it:  "Insurrectionists"!


All you statist, socialist bastards pride yourselves on being soooo clever, confident that you've always been able to win the propaganda wars.  Of course the reason that works is that 52% of the population knows almost nothing about history, including the history of socialism and other totalitarian regimes.  They're as defenseless as lambs being led to the slaughter.

Fortunately there may still be a few sheepdogs around the edge of the flock.

Oh, and we'll remember who led our less-knowledgeable countrymen to the slaughter.


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