Wednesday, May 22

Reid invents clever scheme, uses it for years, then wails when court says it's legal after it's used against Dems

Hypocrisy?  Hell, they never heard of it.
Harry Reid--lying asshole extraordinaire--said Wednesday that he will push to confirm more judges to the federal appeals court in D.C. after that court ruled earlier this year that President Obama’s broad use of recess appointment powers was unconstitutional.
Oh, you want to know where I found that "lying" part?  See the bolded words below:
“You have a majority in that court that is wreaking havoc in the country. For the first time in 230 years, they ruled the president can’t make a recess appointment, so yes there is a crisis,” Reid said on the Senate floor....
Gosh, Harry, I read every single word of the decision by the appeals court, and I didn't see even a hint of a ruling that the prez can't make a recess appointment.  What the court said was that the senate gets to decide when it's in session and when it's not.

Oh wait, Harry:  Didn't you personally call the senate into pro-forma sessions when Bush was prez, simply and solely to keep him from making recess appointments?

Why yes, yes you did. 

In fact, wasn't that too-clever scheme invented by cunning Democrats specifically to block Bush from making recess appointments?

Why yes, Harry, it was. Your party was...well, either brilliant or ass-holic, depending on one's viewpoint.  But either way, you used the tactic because it helped you.

Yet now--astonishingly but not surprisingly, considering who you are and what party you have sold your soul to--you suddenly cry that this practice of calling pro-forma sessions to keep the president from making recess appointments is terrible, awful, ghastly!

"For the first time in 230 years," you solemnly bloviated, "they ruled the president can't make a recess apointment!"  Ignoring the fact that YOUR party not only used exactly this technique, you invented it!

All the court did was to rule that the scheme YOUR party invented is indeed legal.

And now you have the gall to appear before the cameras and shamelessly wail that "For the first time in 230 years they ruled that the president can't make a recess appointment"??

Have you no sense of shame, Reid?

Wait, what was I thinking?  If any Democratic pols have any sense of shame I have yet to see it.  Reid is a lying, treasonous, Constitution-shredding, hypocritical asshole.  A perfect choice to head his party as it controls the senate.


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