Wednesday, May 22

"Susan Rice merely repeated the original CIA 'best estimate' of the cause"

Y'know, I coulda' *sworn* that virtually the entire dust-up about Benghazi was about who drafted the original memo that said the attack was due to a bad video posted on the internet.

Then in just the last two weeks we've learned that there were roughly a dozen revisions to the official talking points between their origin and the moment Susan Rice read them before tha cameras.

But here comes the leftist hacks at Politico, writing the following as if it were true:
The talking points as originally drafted by the CIA said the Benghazi attack was believed to have been “spontaneously inspired” by protests in Cairo blamed on a U.S. made anti-Islam video.  [I recall reading the exact opposite.]
When Rice made her statements, she merely repeated what the intelligence community “said was their best estimate,” according to [Dem rep Adam] Schiff.  [My recollection is that the original CIA memo did NOT mention a "spontaneously inspired" demonstration spurred by "a U.S. made anti-Islam video."]
I must be reading too may conservative news sources--like the NY T****.

That or Politico is re-writing history--which is ops-normal for the Left.


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