Saturday, October 12

Another chickenshit move by the Park Service--presumably on orders from White House

We've seen numerous examples of the Obama administration ordering the Park Service to do chickenshit things designed to punish the public during the alleged "shutdown" while saving zero bucks.  Here's yet another:

The Presidio is a former Army post at the south end of the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco--arguably one of the most beautiful locations in the nation.  On the west end of the same land is a privately-owned restaurant called the Cliff House.

Ostensibly because of the government "slimdown" the NPS shut down the private restaurant.  But the golf course remains open.

Anyone else see a pattern here?  Chillingly, astonishingly--well, actually in the current regime, quite predictably--the same asshole government thugs gave owners of private homes on fed land on Lake Powell 24 hours to leave their homes.

Ten years ago would any of you have believed some jack-booted government bureaucrat could order you out of your private home ?


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