Sunday, October 26

The newest buzz-phrase to convince you Islam is not a threat

If you've read any news stories about the black muslim in New York who attacked a group of cops with a hatchet, or the muslim who intentionally ran over two members of the Canadian armed forces, killing one; or the muslim who fatally shot another member of the Canadian armed forces before running into the Parliament building and shooting at anyone in range, you've heard the newest buzz-word:


For example, here's the NY Post:
The self-radicalized madman who attacked four rookie Queens cops with a hatchet had more than just ­jihad on his mind — he also wanted to kill white people.
This asshole had been a Muslim for seven years.  He was *not* "self-radicalized but was "radicalized" by Islam.  Period.

And if you think he's the only one you're an absolute fucking moron and too damn dumb to breathe.  Hopefully you'll overdose on something before you reproduce.

Who am I kidding?  People who believe that shit started reproducing at age 15.


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