Sunday, November 23

Team Obama claims adding lots of new workers will make wages rise for NON-immigrant workers??

Very few low-information Americans seem to actually understand the twin laws of supply and demand--which is how Team Obozo can get away with issuing "fact sheets" claiming that among all the many, many fabulous benefits of his decree legalizing 5 to 6 million illegals is this gem:
Average wages for all workers, both U.S.-born and immigrant, will increase.  Increases in productivity and innovation caused by the President’s actions will translate into higher wages for all types of workers.  [The president’s Council of Economic Advisers] estimates that by 2024 annual wages for native workers will rise 0.3 percent, or approximately $170 in today’s dollars. CEA also estimates that the President’s actions would neither increase nor decrease the likelihood of employment for native workers.
Let me see if I understand what Team Obama is claiming.  That his decree giving millions of illegals green cards--enabling them to work here legally--will increase average wages for everyone?   Seems to violate the laws of supply and demand.  But of course, low-info Americans wouldn't catch that.

Wait, I forgot:  Obama and Democrats don't believe statutory laws apply to them, so why would we expect them to think their policies would be bound by any other laws?  Ah, now we understand.

And let's take a look at Team Obama's claim that "by 2024 annual wages for native workers will rise 0.3 percent, or approximately $170 in today's dollars..." (so no boost from inflation.)   First, note that this would represent an increase of just three one-hundredths of one percent per year.  That's so close to zero that one wonders if they think we're too stupid to notic that.

Also, I'm just one of Gruber's "stupid Americans" but in order for a 0.3 percent increase to be $170 in today's dollars, the average native worker today would have to be making $56,666 a year!  I wonder if the emperor's "Council of Economic Advisors" would tell us where they found that the average wage for native workers was over $56,000 per year.

Probably got it the same place they got that Gruber about "Under the ACA the average family will save $2,500 per year on health insurance."  That is to say, the emperor pulled it out of his ass.  But of course if you just look at the average salary of D.C. consultants and bureaucrats, maybe $56,666 is right.  Just thought I'd ask.

Pardon me for being suspicious of your truthfulness, mister resident, but after your team's disabling of the identifying code to track the national source of donations that enabled you to win in 2008, and your administration's unconstitutional violation of bankruptcy law in buying GM stock and giving control to the auto unions and illegally shutting out GM bond-holders, and in your lavish endorsement of giving half-billion-dollar taxpayer-guaranteed loans to the bankrupt "green energy" company called Solyndra (run by a big Dem donor) and others, and your asserting executive privilege for your lying former Attorney-General after he claimed he hadn't spoken with you about the gun-running operation to Mexican drug gangs, and your claim that the attack on our people in Benghazi "was because of an anti-Muslim video on the internet," and your "If you like your doctor you can..." and your unconstitutional decrees delaying the crucial, costly start dates of several "mandates" in Obamacare to push the penalties past the presidential election of 2012, and your administration handing out thousands of "exemptions" to that law to unions and corporations that supported you, and your claim that there wasn't even "a smidgen of corruption" at the IRS, and your recent amnesty-by-decree after repeatedly telling Americans--22 times at least--that you didn't have the power to do that, and...this sentence is already far too long but the point is you no longer have any credibility.


And I suspect most Americans--at least those who don't share your tribal affiliation--would agree.


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