Wednesday, November 26

More on amnesty by decree

Many commenters have speculated that the emperor's amnesty-by-decree will backfire when blacks realize that the huge influx of new jobseekers will be competing with them for scarce jobs.

Very reassuring, but utter horseshit.  Reason is that everyone on welfare, and all government employees, are insulated from any negative effects of the new wave of amnestied illegals.  So they couldn't care less about competition.

The Democrats have mastered the message: "vote for us and your magic check will continue to arrive."  As a result, 40%+ of the people will ignore ANY unconstitutional act by the Democrats, up to and including property confiscation and murder.  The emperor's amnesty decree barely registers.

Not one EBT card will fail to work. Not one farm subsidy or grant to study cisgender patriarchal oppression will be interrupted.  Not one public employee will lose his or her job.  In fact, the amnesty will result in hiring MORE government employees  The publicly funded will allow the government to do far worse than this--as long as the Democrats keep promising that nobody will touch their magic checks. History allows no other logical conclusion.


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