Friday, June 19

121 illegals who were convicted felons were released by Feds and went on won't believe.

Let me describe a scenario many of you have experienced:  Some organization or rogue newspaper or blogger discovers that the government is doing X--something so astonishingly stupid, harmful and bad that it's simply impossible to believe.

They duly report the finding.  At first no one believes it, but then slowly, drip by drip, the relevant agencies grudgingly, mumblingly admit that, um...well, maybe there's something to that story after all.

And then months later, the full story comes out.  And sure enough, the fucking government was doing exactly what the first investigator claimed they were doing--as stupid and harmful and crazy as it may have sounded.

But by that time the public's attention has shifted to some new bit of hotness, some new scandal, some the hell with it. 

In any case every editor at every paper and TV station claims no one is interested it that "old story" any longer.  It's boring.  "Who cares?"  So voters never hear or read about the full admission of stupidity, harm, damage and so on.  The story has effectively been tossed down Orwell's "memory hole."

(Extra chocolate rations if readers can tell me what that actually referred to.)

Want to see an example?  You probably don't, but I'll do it anyway, because you need to know what the hell is really going on in this country.  And you don't. 

No matter.  Anyway, the example is illegal immigrants.  The emperor's lackeys never detain them, but release 'em with a "court date."  They sign something saying they promise to appear.

Now this next part will stun you:  A full 94 percent of 'em don't show up.

And why would that be?  I'm sure you'll all be shocked to learn that there's no penalty for an illegal who doesn't show up for his or her court date

You'll probably need to read that again--because it's so fucking unbelievably stupid:  If you don't show up for the promised hearing, there's no penalty.

Oh, all manner of paperwork is duly generated and issued.  To no effect whatsoever.  The gummint only manages to find something like six percent of the no-show illegals.  And even then they have a good chance of being allowed to stay in the U.S. 

We call that "pencil-whipping a problem."

Now let's review:  Who out there thinks that once the illegals learned there was no penalty for not showing up, any other outcome was likely?  No one?  Yeah, pretty predictable.

So why didn't your betters in the immigration business--and it's one hellofa lucrative one, for sure--figure this out sooner?  Of course it could all be due to incompetence, but I'm betting it's intentional.  This isn't a bug, it's a *feature.*  The ACLU gets a chance to wail about how awful and unfair it is that the gummint doesn't just let everyone in who wants in, laws be damned.  And at that point the gummint usually caves and releases the three or four illegals it's actually detaining. 

Again, this is all a charade.  It's part of the emperor's plan to overwhelm U.S. agencies with infinite demands for money and resources--a tactic called "Cloward-Piven."  The goal is to collapse capitalism and create an electorate that will vote Democrat forever.

Most of you will figure it out, eventually.  At which point it'll be too late, of course.  But "What difference, at this point, could it possibly make," right?

Sheeit, that sounds SO familiar?  Who the hell said that?

No matter.  In any case, the bottom line is that the emperor's toadies have released 121 illegals who had previously been convicted of felony crimes.

Oh, wait:  My mistake:  The gummint has released not just 121 but *thousands* of illegals who had previously been convicted of felonies.  The 121 is just the number of those prior felons who went on to murder American citizens after the emperor's thugs released 'em.

Hmmm.  One almost believes this is deliberate.


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