Saturday, November 19

Leftist 'zine bitching about the Electoral College wrote favorably about it just 4 years ago

I often use this blog to highlight examples of screaming, flaming hypocrisy by the Left/Democrats (and certainly encourage Democrats to call out the same behavior by alleged Republicans).   This one's a doozy:

Slate is a Left-wing "webzine" (i.e. a blog that has paid staff), and like the rest of the Left wing it's screaming about how utterly outrageous it is that Hillary won the popular popular vote but lost the election--because of that awful, awful conspiracy called the "electoral college."  Here's the kind of thing they've been pushing:

So according to Slate the Electoral College system is just AWFUL!  At least it's awful now

But way, waaaay back in the 2012 presidential election, when polls just before the election briefly showed that the unpopular emperor might lose the popular vote even though winning the Electoral vote, the lying hypocrites at Slate pushed a much different line:

Note that date above:  25 Oct 2012.  Amazing that in four short years their position would change to the exact opposite.  Of course this reversal might have been mildly influenced by getting a result they didn't like!

Hypocrites.  Rat-bastard, conniving, lying hypocrites, every one of 'em.


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