Monday, November 14

Liberals: "We simply *must* give citizenship to people brought here (illegally) when they were kids"

Saw a piece in the mainstream media about a 21-year-old Mexican gal who'd been brought to the U.S. illegally by her illegal-immigrant parents when she was 5.  Naturally she was a Hilliary supporter and was furious that Trump had won. 

She was complaining about how totally unfair it was that Trump won a majority of the electoral-college votes despite Hilliary winning the popular vote.  She considered that totally outrageous!  (The fact that the Constitution says that's the law means nothing to her--as a non-citizen she understandably feels it's totally irrelevant--as most liberals do.)

She was one of the illegals given de-facto amnesty by the emperor's executive "memo," and fears she'll be deported.  And she vowed to "fight for her citizenship."

"Her citizenship."

Just to be perfectly clear:  She's a Mexican citizen.

I've been discussing this case with people I respect--who believe kids who were brought to the U.S. illegally by parents who were themselves illegal invaders hoping to sneak in and then demand amnesty, shouldn't be deported but instead should be given U.S. citizenship.  And I understand how attractive this is to liberals:  The kids didn't have any choice, they've grown up here, it's the only country they actually know and so on.  Yes, yes, I understand all that.

There's a saying in law:  "Hard cases make bad law."  It means that in rare cases a reasonable law has an outcome that hurts people who had no intent to do wrong.  Like...oh, if back when I had a TS clearance I'd copied a Top-Secret document and taken it home to work on.  Bang.  Even though I had no intention to sell it to a foreign government, the law wouldn't have cared.  My action would have made it possible for someone else to copy or steal that document, and that would have been the end of it.

Well, unless you're Hilliary or Cheryl Mills or Huma or Hilliary's maid, of course.  Different laws for them, obviously.

Well, not actually different laws, not enforced on them., and a corrupt emperor and equally corrupt head of the FBI.

But no matter, citizen.  It's only important that you obey the law, not them.  Don't forget that.

So back to the Mexican gal:  What liberals don't understand--or worse, DO understand and simply ignore--is that giving this admittedly-innocent person citizenship encourages literally millions of others to make the trek across the border, hoping to get the exact same treatment. 

And of course that's totally logical.  Makes perfect sense.  Because if it worked for her, why wouldn't every rational person expect it to work for the next illegal, and the next, and...?

The blame lies with her parents:  They put her in this bind with their choice to illegally enter the U.S. 

Now she wants to benefit from that illegal act.

There are virtually no legitimate rulings in the law (there are many decisions by corrupt judges, of course) that allow someone to benefit from an illegal act that benefitted them.  (Obvious exception being an unrelated party kills someone whose life-insurance goes to a beneficiary.)

But of course liberals are more enlightened that non-liberals, so opening the door to 30 million more "refugees" doesn't faze them a bit.  And if they happen to all vote Democrat, that's just a fortunate coincidence from the libs' standpoint.

Ask your liberal friends how they come down on this one.  I'm betting every single one says "We simply MUST give her citizenship.  After all, it's only fair.  Uh-huh.  Illegal act.  Fair.  Got it.

If you could ever get her parents on the stand, what would they say?   Did they just think she'd get amnesty?  If so, why did they think that?  But of course we know:  Liberals threw open the door.  And now demand that we do so again.

Solid thinkers.


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