Monday, November 14

Man threatens to kill the president-elect on Facebook. Mainstream Media yawns.

And further to the point about unhinged leftists/Democrats/"progressives" threatening the president-elect:  Matt Harrigan is CEO of a tech security company called Packetsled.  A short time ago Harrigan went on Facebook and wrote
 "I'm going to kill the president-elect."
Seriously.  Literally.  When another commenter noted that writing this threat would get him a visit from the FBI or Secret Service, Harrigan replied,
 "Bring it.  Bring it, Secret Service."
Another commenter tried to laugh it off by saying "You just need to get high."  To which our charming moron wrote,
"Nope.  Getting a sniper rifle and perching myself where it counts.  Find a bedroom in the White House that suits you, motherf****r.  I'll find you."
Now, you probably believe this is fake:  No one could possibly be that dumb, right?  And of course you didn't hear a word of this on the nightly "news" or read it in the NY Slimes or the WaPo, right?  So it can't be true, right?

Well, except for three inconvenient facts:  First, the guy's company apologized and said they'd turned him over to Secret Service.  Second, the guy is now apologizing.  And finally, take a look at the facebook screencaps below:

I don't know whether this guy considers himself part of the Left or merely a good Democrat, but both are totally unhinged.  They actually DO the terrible things they ACCUSE Republicans of doing.

And what are the odds that the emperor quietly puts the word out to the SS and FBI to consider what this guy wrote a joke, and to give this guy a pass?  Because with the emperor having another 60-some days in office I suspect no federal employee want to risk being fired on obozo's last day in office for actually trying to enforce our laws.

Finally, imagine the reaction of the Lying Media if a Republican had written this same threat against the emperor!  Every network and newspaper in the country would be howling for a long prison term!  But with a good Democrat, it's a whole different story. 

It's almost like there are two sets of laws or something.


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