Friday, March 17

"Change the people, change the civilization"

A large group of Americans--Democrats and Leftists--believes our society is jus' terrible!  Awful!  And that what we need--what will make America better--is...more immigrants.  Cuz...well, libs are still working on tryin' t' splain exactly why that is, but you know they must be right, cuz...  Well, Dan Rather and Chris Matthews and Rachel Madcow and Chris Cuomo and CNN love open borders and hate the idea of building a wall and hate Trump and...and...well, ALL sophisticated people hate Trump, y'know?

Libs and Dems and Socialists don't believe gangs like MS-13 are harming Americans, don't believe radical Islamists are a threat; believe we shouldn't give long prison terms to people who sell heroin or cocaine or meth.  Their world-views are those of the NY Times and the WaPo, in which the only threat to the U.S. is Trump's threat of reducing the power of the federal government and its myriad agencies and bureaucrats.

Oh, and don't let Trump deport any illegal aliens who have committed serious, violent crimes in the U.S. (leaving aside re-entering the U.S. after being deported five times).  Can't go doing that.  Just like the libs told us we couldn't improve our energy situation by drilling for oil in the U.S.

Oh, forgot that, did ya?  That was how the Left ridiculed Sarah Palin, who'd coined the catchy phrase "Drill, baby, drill."  One Leftist even went so far as to say "Well maybe if we'd started drilling ten years ago it might have made some difference, but NOW it's way too late..." 

Fortunately a bunch of risk-taking entrepreneurs had a better idea, and now U.S. is producing almost twice as much oil as it did when emperor Obozo took office.

But do, do listen to Rather and Cuomo and Madcow and Matthews and HuffPo and WaPo and all the other brilliant voices of the Left.  Cuz dey gots smahts.  An' when dey say "We need open borders, an' more Syrian refugees" you need to believe 'em.  Really.


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