Friday, March 3

Vandalism of cemeteries is a major story *now*--but was virtually ignored by the MSM when Obama was prez

You may have heard that two Jewish cemeteries were recently vandalized--headstones toppled.  And there have been phone threats to Jewish centers.

Naturally CNN, NPR, the NY Times, WaPo and the rest jumped right on this, since in their view the perps were surely...Trump supporters!--because thanks to the herculean efforts of the Lying Media it's become "conventional wisdom" that Trump and those who support him are Nazi's.  And the Nazi's killed six million Jews in WW2, so obviously....

(Typical coverage here, here, here and here.)

The media reporting suggests that such attacks are unprecedented in modern times in the U.S.  Which could be interpreted as evidence that the perps are Trump supporters--cuz they've all been unleashed by his intolerance or something. 

But as Ira Stoll noted, during Obama's reign there were ten major desecrations of Jewish cemeteries in the U.S, but you didn't hear a word about it.  That's likely because the NY Times only saw fit to cover one of them.  But since Trump took office the Times has begun covering such desecrations with significant stories (length and placement), sending out reporters and photographers to document the vandalism.

Why did the Times cover only one case of vandalism of Jewish cemeteries when Obama was president, but now every instance is a major story--with photos?

Because it furthers The Narrative being pushed by the Lying Media that Trump and his supporters are bigots.


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