Saturday, March 18

Venezuela blames bread shortage on...bakeries?

Well well well:  Venezuela's nightmarish socialist thugs are in the news again.  This time they've discovered that the country has a shortage of...bread.

And who do the socialist government thugs--cuz that's exactly what they are--think caused this shortage?

Why, folks who own bakeries, of course.

And why would the government blame bakery owners for the shortage of bread?

Why, because they're business owners.

The real reason for a bread shortage is that the country can't import enough wheat (virtually all of which is imported now).

You may well wonder: How can a country that exports roughly two million barrels of oil a day not afford as much wheat as it wants?  Where is all the income from all that exported oil going?

There's as much chance of finding that out as there is that Team Obama will stop trying to overthrow Trump.

Hint:  Look for a huge Swiss bank account in the name of Maduro's sister or daughter.

To officials of a socialist government, business owners are a barely-tolerated evil--tolerated only because there aren't enough competent people in government (yet) to do what the owners do--like baking bread.  So the thugs of the socialist government demonize and tax and abuse business owners, knowing the owners are powerless to stop it.

This is the way socialism works.  There's either freedom, or not.

This is what Obama tried to do with health insurance in the U.S.  It's what Bernie tried to do with "free" college for all.  It's what Hilliary wanted to do.

Not sure if we've dodged any of those bullets yet.  Seems like far too many Americans--elites as well as mindless idiot members of the gimmedat class--love socialism.  I don't think we've seen the last of this fight.

Y'know, it'd be really great if socialist-lovers Hilliary, Bernie, Ashley Judd, Madonna, Whoopie, Lena Dunham, Babs Striesand, Snoop Dog, his thug nephew Bow-Wow, Rosie and a few other brilliant analysts could be sent to Venezuela as advisors to the socialist Maduro government.  Tell the Venezuelan people that the brilliant American socialists would instantly be able to spot what was wrong, and would tell the government how to fix it.  And that if nothing had improved in a year, the people could do as they wished with the Americans.

Then repeat as needed until American socialists figured it out.

Update:  Here's the story as told by Newsweek.  Newsweek confirms the story but adds some interesting bits that effectively absolve the socialist government of responsibility:

Venezuela’s economy has been in crisis since the rapid decline in global oil prices in 2014. The government has not released official inflation figures since 2015, but the International Monetary Fund has predicted that inflation will reach 1,600 percent this year. 
Newsweek implies--though carefully avoids explicitly stating--that the main cause of Venezuela's problems is the "rapid decline in global oil prices in 2014."  While this certainly made things worse, virtually every policy of the socialist government has done more damage.

Embattled, Maduro has manage to hang on, surviving a recall drive when the Supreme Court halted the process last October over claims that several states had reported fraud in the first round of signature-gathering.
Actually the Maduro government threatened harsh measures if the recall vote was allowed to happen.  The court got the message.

Newsweek again:
The bread shortages, the government claims, rest solely at the door of bakeries, which it accuses of putting profits ahead of servicing customers’ basic needs. The price of bread is controlled by the government. 
"Damn business owners refused to produce and sell at a loss!  We'll teach them a lesson!"

BTW, Newsweek doesn't mention the word "socialism" or "socialist" a single time in the article.  "Cuz, like, how is their type of government relevant to the story, dude?"

How indeed, comrade.


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