Sunday, April 9

Afghan "refugee" who murdered German med student will be tried as a juvenile, despite having claimed to be "17" for three years

In October of last year in Freiburg, Germany, a German girl--a medical student--named Maria Ladenburger was raped, strangled and thrown in a river. 

A so-called Afghan "refugee," Hussein Khavari, has been charged with murder and arrested.  Police found his DNA at the crime scene.

Turns out the "culture-enricher" (as ordinary Germans call them) had tried to kill a young European woman before.  Khavari's first stop in Europe was in Greece, and in May of 2013 he threw a 20-year-old woman off a cliff on Corfu.  The victim was severely injured but miraculously survived and was able to identify her attacker.

The victim said she was walking home when the perp "suddenly appeared in front of me. I gave him my purse. Then he grabbed me at the hips and legs, lifted me up and threw me over the cliff."

In February of 2014 a Greek court sentenced Khavari--who claimed to be 17 years old--to a 10 year jail term.  But instead of prison he was placed in youth detention, and shortly afterward--for reasons unknown--he was released after serving barely a year of the supposed ten-year sentence.

After his release he headed for Germany, and barely a year later his DNA seems to show he killed the 19-year-old German medical student.

And here's where it gets crazier:  The German court system has decided to try the perp as a juvenile.  The reason?  He claims to be...17 years old.  But this is three years after he claimed to be 17 when he entered Greece three years earlier!

I'm not making this up.  This really is how nutty the German politicians are now.

Doctors say the perp is almost certainly 22.  But the German pols insist that because he had nothing to verify his age when he arrived in Germany, they simply can't try him as an adult.

Now:  Do any of you see a pattern here?  A systematic weakness, perhaps, that might be used by a clever "refugee" to game the system to avoid being deported, or sent to jail for murder and rape?


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