Thursday, April 20

Venezuela seizes GM plant, eliminating thousands of pesky "jobs" created by eeevil capitalism

Yesterday a court appointed by the socialist government of Venezuela seized a General Motors plant in Valencia, Venezuela.

The company said that after the seizure its bank accounts were "out of its control," meaning it couldn't pay workers or suppliers.

GM has been operating in Venezuela for almost 70 years, providing great jobs at top wages. You'd think keeping good-paying jobs would be a goal of virtually any government. But when a socialist government runs out of money it starts grabbing any source of funds it can find to keep its unsustainable Ponzi scheme going a week or two longer.

And of course half the people love it when Dear Leader clobbers "greedy Yankee capitalists."

Sorta like here.

Do ya think U.S. leftist feel any sympathy for the workers whose jobs just vanished? Oh, certainly. Really. Because leftists keep saying they care so much about the ordinary working stiff. Oh, wait....that's just lipservice. What the left wants are all-powerful socialist governments, working in glorious solidarity with other socialist regimes to ensure that "all power goes to the people!"

To be sure, the socialist government (via the thug-controlled court) will have some superficially-plausible excuse for the seizure: They'll say the company violated Rule 3723.147/d/4 by charging more than the government-set price for cars or some such.

Sorta like here, where during Obama's reign a guy was fined for catching rainwater running off his own roof and (gasp!) having the gall and greed to actually use it.


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