Tuesday, May 16

Rutgers professor calls on academics to oppose commission to investigate vote fraud

As every American surely knows, many states don't require people wanting to vote to provide any identification other than stating who they claim to be.  Naturally this has prompted people to wonder whether people who aren't residents of a place nevertheless try to vote there, or vote multiple times in different precincts or different states. 

Or whether non-U.S.-citizens vote in our elections.

So last week President Trump signed an order establishing a commission to investigate vote fraud in the U.S.

The ink on the order wasn't dry before a leftist professor at Rutgers--Lorraine Minnite--emailed the "listserv" of the chancellor of Cal-Irvine's law school trying to drum up support for academics who will help "resist" the investigatory commission.

This was discovered when someone leaked a copy of Minnite's email to the Washington Free Beacon.  Here's what she wrote:
"To members of this listserv, especially the academics: 
If the President does indeed create a commission to study voter fraud...I'm calling on scholars of election administration to resist participation of any kind in such an effort... 
We should expect [any] Commission to find ‘evidence' of rampant voter fraud across the U.S., and to recommend proposals to amend the Voting Rights Act and the National Voter Registration Act to require proof-of-citizenships to register and a national voter ID requirement, among other changes that will be damaging to voting rights and therefore, damaging to democracy."
I am proposing a Commission of scholars and voting rights advocates to gather information to inform the public.  Please email me if you would like to be involved in organizing a non (not bi-) partisan commission on voter fraud and voter suppression to offer evidence, facts and analysis that the public will need to sort through what we can anticipate will come out of a Pence-Kobach Commission."
On receiving a copy of Minnite's email the Free Beacon contacted the professor asking if she cared to comment.  She replied by asking who provided the Beacon with the email.  The paper declined to reveal the source, and asked again if she had any comment.

She replied "Not unless you tell me who sent you the email."

Cute:  If there's no vote fraud in the U.S., why does Minnite concerned?  Oh, yeah:  Because she claims a report of significant vote fraud might prompt congress to require photo ID.  Such a requirement prompts screaming fits from so-called "social-justice" types--which prompts the question "Why such hate for such a reasonable requirement?"

After all, Democrats are fine with requiring photo-ID to open a bank account or board a commercial airliner or close on a house.  But even when a state offers the cards for FREE, Democrats oppose all such laws.

That degree of opposition almost makes one think Dems WANT to make it easy for their constituents to commit vote fraud.

If any readers know anyone attending Rutgers, forward this to 'em and ask 'em to ask her to comment.


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