Wednesday, May 10

When the "mainstream media" don't want to tell you the whole story

If you think the national media are telling you the truth--about anything more critical than what day it is--you're woefully naive.

This is particularly true in both politics and...crime.

Even local TV stations and newspapers will conceal facts about both crime and politics.

In the case of politics, Democrats, liberals, socialists, so-called "progressives" and marxists get a pass.  When conservatives or Republicans are involved, the press does their expected job and rakes the perps over the coals.

When it comes to crime, the media routinely refuse to disclose whether a killer or rapist is an illegal immigrant, or black.  Hard to know why they'd want to do that, but they do--routinely.

Case in point:  Here's how a TV station in rural south Georgia (Albany) reported the murder of a woman and her 9-year-old daughter:
A mother and her nine-year-old daughter were shot and killed in Fitzgerald around 6:00 p.m. Thursday night.

Chief Bill Smallwood said police made an arrest early Friday morning. The suspect is Veartis Tyrone Wallace, 38, who reportedly was the mother's boyfriend.

Chief Smallwood identified the mother as Jennifer Taylor, 33, and the daughter as Marissa Lynn Taylor.
Some folks who run a website dedicated to filling in the details the majors never tell you suspected there might be more to the story, and decided to investigate.  Sure enough, here's what they found:

Melissa Taylor, murdered at age 9

"Veartis Tyrone Wallace" turns out to be black.

Now, last I heard TV stations were really big on images.  Certainly the pics at left aren't moving, but you'd think they'd be relevant to the story.

So why would the TV station not show 'em?

I don't know.  But when a Trayvon Martin gets killed by a guy described every single national media outlet as a "white Hispanic," the pic of the poor victim is published with every story.

So why aren't the victims relevant this time?
Jennifer Taylor, murdered at age 33
I think it's because the media are pretty sure that the details of this often-repeated story--black male killer, unarmed white female victims, including children--would make your blood boil.

And before anyone yells that I'm racist, I have the same conclusion when cops kill or beat unarmed citizens.  It's not right, and everyone knows it.  People are right to get upset about it.

You'd think they'd be upset here too.  So the media decides not to tell you the whole story.
Here's a link to this story.


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