Sunday, August 20

Unprovoked, senseless murder in NYC; killer on the loose; Post doesn't print his description

Two days ago in New York City a young couple were walking on the sidewalk after apartment hunting.  They walked past two men sitting on steps.

Moments later one of the men fatally stabbed George Carrol as his horrified wife looked on helplessly.

The killer fled.  

The next day the New York Post ran a story about the murder.

Now, with the killer still on the loose and the wife having witnessed the fatal attack at close range, you'd think an absolutely crucial part of the story would be for the fable-writer "reporter" to include a description of the killer, right?

For some reason the Post didn't think that was important enough to bother including a description.

The next day, the Post ran a followup.  Surely, I thought, by then some editor would have noticed the glaring omission from the first story and would have edited the story.  But still no description of the killer in the totally unprovoked attack.

Until a few years ago--2004 or so--newspaper stories about murders where the killer was still on the loose included a description, which often resulted in useful tips.  But I guess the "journalism schools" have decreed that helping the cops locate killers is no longer worthwhile.  Yeah, dat's probably it.  Cuz I can't imagine any other reason to refrain from printing a description.

Anyone have any info on the new stylebook?

Bill Maher, Democrat propagandist

On Friday Bill Maher commented about the violence in Charlottesville.

Recall that every one of the rat-bastards in the Lying Mainstream Media blasted Trump for condemning violence "on all sides."  The media implied--though they very carefully didn't explicitly state--that all the violence came from one side only: from those protesting the removal of the statue of General Robert E. Lee from the park once named for him.

Like everyone who watched the hours and hours of rerun video of the fighting, Maher has to know his claim is bullshit.  So he elides the truth by joking that "liberals don’t form militias, they form drum circles.”

Gotta admit that's actually pretty funny.  But Maher can't let the joke go without complaining that "Trump kept saying, ‘There’s violence on both sides.’ [But] there wasn’t."

Bill, you lying sack of crap, I watched the endlessly-repeated videos for hours, and both sides were throwing punches.  To say that only one side was violent insults everyone's intelligence.  Oh that's right--your viewers believe your crap, without question.  Mission accomplished.

Maher completed his mission by adding that even if there was violence on both sides in Charlottesville, it doesn’t matter...because he compared Antifa and BLM to American soldiers in WW2.

Naturally you don't believe that, so here's the quote: "...because there was violence in World War II and the Allies were still the good guys."

I hate lying sons of bitches like Maher.

Democrats and MSM: "Conspiracies involving huge systems--like voting--can never happen." Ooops.

Whenever some poor, deplorable working stiff claims insiders conspired to rig anything big that operates in the public realm, how do the Lying Mainstream Media always react?

They ridicule him.  "Can't possibly happen," they claim.  "To do something that outrageous would require lots of people's help, and it would be impossible to keep such a conspiracy secret."

Ridiculing the possibility of a successful conspiracy is how Democrats make people refuse to believe massive, organized vote fraud can or has happened--and will happen again and again.

So if someone claimed insiders had rigged a state lottery, resulting in their winning at least five jackpots worth over $16 million, you can be certain your betters in the media would say "Couldn't happen.  Cuz winning numbers are generated randomly by a computer that's in a glass room with video security, and not connected to any outside network.  There's no way that could possibly happen.  And anyone who believes such a ridiculous story is a fool."

Ah.  Well....

Now a computer guy working for the "Multi-State Lottery Association" pleaded guilty to rigging the lottery so he and his friends could win over five state lotteries worth over $16 million.  Got away with it for at least five years.

The guy did it by inserting a program into the computer that generated the supposedly-random winning numbers. 

Oh, and did I mention that the guy was head of security for the lottery association?   Yeah.

The guy's own brother "won" $568,000 in the lottery, but no one in the association thought that odd.

But remember, citizen:  conspiracies involving big-stakes deals, in areas subject to intense public scrutiny, simply can't happen.

And also remember that if you ever heard any warnings from conservatives, back when your state was considering whether to start a lottery, that they'd become magnets for corruption, you are advised to ignore those warnings.  Because you can trust government officials to make sure things are honest.

Besides, half the proceeds go to funding schools.  So "it's for the children," right?

In Dem-run cities, Antifa and BLM have effectively banned any speech they don't like

One of the core tenets of the founders of this nation--one so vital that they put it in the First Amendment--is freedom of speech.  [Dems may need to read the Note at the end of this post.]

The events of the last two weeks have conclusively shown that te leaders of the Democratic party don't believe in that right--at least for speech they don't like.

Back in the 1960's, Democrats were totally in favor of free speech:  They wanted to be able to burn the American flag and call for the government to be overthrown by force, with no consequences.  Conservatives recognized the damage this would do to the nation but also realized the importance of free speech, so the Democrats were free to radicalize as many young Americans as possible.

But today, with Democrats totally controlling the Lying Mainstream Media, public schools, universities and most lower courts, Democrats have effectively eliminated the right of Americans to say anything the Democrats don't want said.

They've have done this by allowing mobs of leftists to attack speakers the Dems don't like.

Of course many Democrats will angrily deny that their party has done any such thing, but the fact is that in every case since the last presidential election where a speaker or group sought to speak in a Dem-controlled city, the police have either allowed the mob to attack without intervening, or else have removed the would-be speakers from the venue before they could speak, as happened yesterday in Boston.

Not one Democrat politician has condemned Antifa or BLM for their attacks--because all Dem pols know that condeming the mob attacks by BLM and Antifa would be political suicide.

Instead, Dems have followed the lead of their emperor, who got away with clearly violating the Constitution's mandate that the president "shall take care that the Laws be faithfully executed" when he ordered federal agents not to deport millions of young illegal aliens.  When congress declined to impeach Obama for this, Democrats realized the Constitution was no longer the supreme law of the land. 

Now they have allowed the mob to block speech they don't like.  In doing so they have violated the Constitution and the rule of law.  To the Democrats, "free speech" only applies to speech they approve of.

Not surprisingly, a few million Americans are angry about this.

So here's what's very likely to happen:  Instead of choosing a Democrat-controlled city and state to hold a rally, the "free speech means what it says" movement will announce a rally in a smaller town with a Republican mayor, in a state with a GOP governor.  BLM and Antifa will call up their mobs as usual--but this time the governor will mobilize the state's National Guard to help city and county cops protect the speakers.

The mayor and governor will announce that anyone wearing a mask will be promptly arrested.  With their faces exposed and recorded, snotflakes will be far more likely to behave.

Of course the hard-core leftists won't be deterred, and will take on the cops and the guardsmen.  At that point things will get far more interesting.

Note on the First Amendment (for Democrat legal quibblers):  As everyone should know, it actually says "Congress shall make no law...abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble..."

Quibblers on the left may well claim that this amendment actually does NOT guarantee freedom of speech--nor of the press, nor freedom of religion, nor of the "right to assemble"--but merely bars congress from passing a law restricting those rights.

Literally that's obviously true.  However, back in the days when the nation's highest court actually believed in the Constitution, on numerous occasions the court held that no state could deprive any citizen of any of the rights enumerated in the Constitution.

Saturday, August 19

The true face of Antifa

A few days ago the Lying Mainstream Media and various Lefty blogs like HuffPo ran pics of American troops jumping off a landing craft to fight their way ashore on D-day. 

So were they honoring the bravery of American GI's?  Hardly.  They compared the anti-American thugs of Antifa to these troops!

Whereupon some blogger sought to...uh...correct the record:
Antifa=American GI's storming the beaches on D-day.  Yeah, sure.

Lying Media = cunning idiots

Vandals deface statue they think is Confederate hero; actually Christopher Columbus

In Houston last night vandals spray-painted a statue of Christopher Columbus. 

Word on the street is that the vandals believed the statue was of a Confederate general, so, you know....

After historians noted that Columbus pre-dated the U.S. civil war by three and a half centuries, the local TV station--anxious to avoid angering local residents screaming about being triggered by Confederate-era statues--defended the act by noting that "some consider Christopher Columbus to be a controversial figure."

Well there ya go then.  Everything's fine.  According to Liberals and Democrats all ya need to excuse vandalism is to claim that a statue is "controversial."  That also serves to excuse stabbing.  Or hitting someone on the head with a club.

The snowflakes have gone full-Idiocracy.


Saw the movie "Idiocracy" a couple of days ago, for the second time.

The first time was a decade ago, and it struck me as sophomoric humor but fairly amusing.

This time it looked more like a documentary.  And not because of Trump.

Fact or Fake: Is the NAACP demanding a boycott of the NFL unless Kaepernik is signed?

Fact or Fake?  Things have gotten so crazy that it's hard to know anymore.

The NAACP (for those under 30 that's the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) has called for a boycott of the NFL unless some team hires America-hating washed-up QB Colin Kaepernik.

If Kaepernik isn't hired by an NFL team, the black organization will ask fans to not attend NFL games or even watch 'em on television.

A spokesman for the Georgia branch of the NAACP said
“There will be no football in the state of Georgia if Colin Kaepernick is not on a training camp roster and given an opportunity to pursue his career.  This is not a simple request.  This is a demand."  --Gerald Griggs, spokesman for Georgia NAACP
Wow, a "demand," eh?  Clearly the NAACP is feeling new power following the success in getting Democrat pols to remove statues deemed offensive to the black community.

I predict NFL owners and the commissioner will secretly arrange for some team to sign Kaepernik for over a million a year--with the cost secretly split by all owners--rather than risk a boycott by 12 percent of the population.

And of course this will prove to any blacks who weren't already convinced that you can do anything to show you hate the U.S. and still be paid handsomely.  Good lesson, eh?

Mayor of Baltimore refuses to say where the statues went; city council member wants them destroyed

Further to the story about the black female mayor of Baltimore ordering the before-dawn removal of four statues:  Some conservative reporter had the gall to ask the mayor where the statues were now.

The mayor refused to say where they were.

Also, an unnamed member of the city council has called for the statues to be destroyed.  The mayor commented that "no decision has been made" on whether to destroy them. 

The statues would like be worth hundreds of thousands if auctioned off.  But of course, that won't happen.

As I noted in a prior post, the most likely outcome is that after a few years the statues will have vanished, and no one in the city government will claim to know what happened to them, or even where they were stored.  In fact they will have been melted down for the value of their bronze, probably by a brother-in-law of a city council member.  But because the statues will have been out of public view for years, there won't be any way to find out who did it.

After murder of 14 by a van in Barcelona, will Dems demand a ban on vehicles?

Ever notice that whenever anyone, anywhere uses a gun to kill someone, Democrats and Leftists call for a ban on guns?  Sure.  Every time.

Now that Muslims have used vehicles to mow down over a hundred civilians in an near Barcelona, does anyone think we'll be hearing calls from Democrats and Leftists to ban cars, vans and trucks in city limits?  Of course not.

There's been a wave of fatal stabbings in Germany--virtually all by Islamic immigrants--capped by the stabbing deaths of two in Finland, by an immigrant.  Does anyone think we'll be hearing calls from Democrats and Leftists to ban knives?  Of course not.

Why the double-standard when it comes to guns?

Simple:  If Democrats didn't have double-standards they wouldn't have any standards at all.

When Norks threatened to nuke U.S. libs didn't say jack, but when Trump responded...OMG!

Pelosi calls for removal of statues of Confederate figures from U.S. capitol

In the capitol building of the United States there's an area featuring statues commemorating two residents of each state.  Each state gets to select the citizens its people want to commemorate.

Ah, but that was then.  Now Democrat and former speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has called for...well, let's get the exact quote:
The Confederate statues in the halls of Congress have always been reprehensible.  If Republicans are serious about rejecting white supremacy, I call upon Speaker Ryan to join Democrats to remove the Confederate statues from the Capitol immediately.    --Nancy Pelosi
Pelosi was joined by Dem senator Cory Booker, who said he would introduce a bill to remove the statues.

Oh wait--just now realized the above story and quote were published by a notoriously unreliable source, so you can't really trust it to be true, y'know?

Source is the NY Times.

In other news, Pelosi also called for everyone whose last name is "Lee" to change their name to something that won't offend people who are triggered by that name.  Pelosi said "If Seattle can remove the name "Lynch" from three of its schools, why can't I order the same thing?  After all, what difference is there in the principles involved?"

In still other news Democrat senator Chuck Schumer called for the word "lee" to be removed from dictionaries in the U.S.  Schumer said the phrase "lee side," meaning the side of a ship opposite from the direction of the wind, was a "gratuitous, totally unnecessary micro-aggression" for millions of Americans.

Schumer said "The courageous Democrats of Seattle have shown us that Americans don't have to tolerate names or terms that offend them."  He added that if Republicans refused to pass his proposed law, student activists should simply tear out the offensive pages.  "After all," he said, "that's what we do with offensive statues."

And as if on cue, in the middle of the night last night, Duke university removed a statue of Robert E. Lee from campus, on orders of the university's president.  In a written statement the president of Duke explained
The purpose of universities was to provide a safe, non-triggering space for people too young to have developed the personal skills required to enable them to cope with triggers, so removing this horribly offensive statue was the right thing to do.
Now:  You're well-informed, right?  Cuz you listen to the Mainstream Media, which tells you everything significant that happens they want you to know.  So you know which two of the above events actually happened. 

"We'll ban speech we don't like, destroy property, erase suppress fascism"

And 99% of those on the Left are totally unaware of the contradiction.

Statue vandalized in California; CBS station buries the lede. See if you can discern the reason

In journalism, the most important part of a story is called the "lede."  Normally the lede is in the first sentence or paragraph.  When a paper publishes a story in which the "real news" is several 'grafs down, it's called "burying the lede." 

Back when reporters were fairly non-partisan this was ridiculed as an error made by newbie reporters.  It'd be like printing an article on the assassination of JFK that said "President's return to DC delayed by hospital visit."

But burying the lede is actually quite useful when the Lying Mainstream Media wants readers to NOT notice the "real" significance of an event.  Here's an example from two days ago:
MISSION HILLS ( — Several people stopped by a statue of Father Junipero Serra in a park across from Mission San Fernando on Thursday after a photo made the rounds on social media appearing to show the statue had been vandalized.

A picture circulating Facebook showed the statue spray-painted red and the word “murder” written on Serra in white.
d0fe2e50a9fa41339f7d13c96458bf6b Junipero Serra Statue Vandalized In Mission Hills
While city officials would not confirm the authenticity of the photo or the clean-up, a CBS2 reporter saw red paint on Serra’s arm and a swastika on the statue of the child standing next to him.
The real story here is that some low-IQ revolutionary, following the lead of his comrades who are tearing down statues they don't like, vandalized this one.  But notice how the CBS station wrote the story: The first sentence tells us "Several people stopped by a statue..."

Whoa!  Stop the f'n presses!  If you find that to be...less than gripping, you're right.  That was deliberate.

Next phrase: "...after a photo made the rounds on social media..."  Wow!  "A photo made the rounds on social media," ya say?  Is that really an important element of the story?  Well, maybe to highschool students--cuz everyone knows how Americans are slavishly devoted to whatever appears on "social media."

Finally, CBS clues you to the significance of the photo:  it's "appearing to show the statue had been vandalized."  Not "vandals spray-painted a statue in Mission Hills," but rather that someone posted a photo appearing to show vandalism.

Note how careful CBS is here:  The photo clearly shows the statue spray-painted with the word "murder." Unless you're an idiot, that's vandalism.  But CBS wants to bury that fact.  Why?  Because admitting it up front would validate the predictions of dozens of conservative commenters who warned that vandalizing statues was a "slippery slope" guaranteed to have consequences far beyond what the current mainstream media and Democrats believe.

Conservatives warned Americans about this.  And it took about one day to be proven correct.

In fact, someone who wasn't from California could easily conclude that this "apparent vandalism" was just another example of snowflakes vandalizing a statue honoring a Confederate figure.  Nothing noteworthy about that, eh Sparky?

For those who are still naive enough to think this is paranoia, a brief thought experiment will show you the truth:  If someone vandalized a statue of MLK, what do you think the Lying Media's opening 'graf would be on that event?  Would it be
Several people stopped by a statue of Martin Luther King jr. after a photo made the rounds on social media appearing to show the statue had been vandalized.
Obviously not.  QED.

What MUST happen when Dem-controlled city governments allow Antifa to beat up others?

From a commenter on Belmont Club:
When the Antifa types learn that Democrat-controlled governments will allow them to attack others with impunity (something they've already learned), not only will they continue to attack, but will increase the violence of those attacks. 

If they can beat people with baseball bats while the police watch without responding, what is to keep them from shooting or stabbing those who oppose them next time?  In a Democrat run city, there will be no response, no arrest, no prosecution.

That's why the media has to jam that story, to keep Americans not on the Left from grasping that reality.
The public was starting not to believe The Narrative of "Trump colluded with Russia to steal the election," so on August 12th something the Media spins as a "racist riot" by "white supremacists" happens in Charlottesville. 
The Media instantaneously pivot out of "collusion with Russia" and into "Racism & Riot" without missing a beat. After nearly a year of Trump & Russia, all day, every day, the "collusion with Russia" narrative vanishes.  Trump is no longer a Russian.  Instead, Trump is now a racist.
Democrats and liberals claim not to believe there's any connection whatsoever between the thugs of "Antifa" and the Communist Party.  If you're one of those, take a look at this pic of the dais at the Communist Party's "Third International:"

Wait!  Be reasonable, comrade.  Anyone can see that this photo is CIA agitprop!

Another commenter:
Soon--if not already--just advocating for the local university to teach a course in western civ will get you labeled as a white nationalist, racist, terrorist.

Friday, August 18

Muslim terror attack in Barcelona bumps The Narrative off the headlines; Media will fix that soon

"The Narrative" is like the Matrix--it's what the Democrats and their media allies want you to believe.  Examples:
  • The Dem National Committee was hacked by the Russians.  
  • Mueller will conduct an impartial investigation.  
  • One must have "intent" in order to be prosecuted for violating laws for compromising classified material.  
  • Anyone who protests the removal of statues of Robert E. Lee must be a white supremacist and raaaacist.
Many, many more examples.

But once in a great while events can overwhelm the Narrative.  It's called burn-through, which is what happens when a radio signal is stronger than the power of a jamming station.

Narratives are powerful but not omnipotent.  For example, the public is all to willing to believe the narrative that all attacks by Muslims after 9/11 were carried out by "lone wolves."  But that only works when such attacks are fairly infrequent.  But if such attacks happen too frequently, the Narrative fails and the public begins to wonder if the attacks are really being triggered by a central authority. 

Even the immense resources at the disposal of the mainstream media--thus at the disposal of Democrats--can be overcome by a strong enough signal from events.  And in this case...

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the van attack on a popular tourist venue in Barcelona that killed 13 dead and injured 100.

Suddenly the war on statues has been bumped off the front pages by Islamic terrorism.

Oooh, can't have that.  And you may be certain that the Mainstream Media will do their best to get us back to The Narrative.  Cuz the Media know that if Americans see terrorism as a problem, the Media loses.  The Media desperately, intensely want you to believe that Trump and America-first policies are the greatest threat to your well-being. may be certain that the Barcelona attack will quickly disappear from the headlines, replaced by Russia Russia RUSSIA!  Or infighting by members of the White House staff.

Or that Trump is about to start a nuclear exchange with that peace-loving fellow who runs North Korea.

Wolf Blitzer is already on video wondering (i.e. trying to get you to consider it plausible) whether the vehicle attack that killed 13 in Barcelona was--listen carefully--a copycat of what happened in Charlottesville.

Naturally you don't believe that.  You don't believe it because you can't believe any reasonable facsimile of a human could make such an absurd statement.  Well, click here to read the story.  And it's not from some right-wing source, but from the totally Left-wing Huffington Post.  And since it represents an "admission against interest," it's a lot more reliable.

I really, really hate the Lying Mainstream Media.  And the party they work for.

Australian senator walks into senate chambers wearing burqa; no one asks to see her face

Many citizens of western nations correctly see that "protected groups" don't have to obey rules that members of non-protected groups are forced to obey.

A female senator in Queensland, Australia--Pauline Hanson--decided on a clever way of showing this:  She walked into the senate chamber wearing a "burqa"--worn by Muslim women and which covers the entire face and head.

Not a single security guard stopped her, asked her for identification or asked to see her face.

But her clever demonstration revealed a lot more about her fellow senators and the region's attorney-general, who screamed bloody murder--not at the security staff, but at Hanson, claiming her demonstration had "ridiculed Islam."

I'd say "You gotta be kidding" but this sort "some-religions-are-more-privileged-than-others" equivocation is all too common in almost all western nations.  Hard to figure.

Oz is rapidly undergoing Islamization, just like the U.K., Germany and most of Europe.

Dem-loving WaPo claims "we owe our country's very existence" to civil-rights movement or...

Three days ago the Washington Post ran this bizarre claim, penned by a college professor:
We owe our country’s very existence as an enduring political experiment to the work and sacrifice we now call the civil rights movement or the black freedom struggle, 
How...odd.  Somehow I'd gotten the impression that the existence of the United States was due to a war fought almost entirely by white males against the British empire.  Now along comes this fellow claiming that the U.S. REALLY owes its existence to "the civil rights movement or the black freedom struggle."

That's just...amazing.  But it was printed in the WaPo so it must be accurate, right?  And it was written by professor, so it has to be accurate, right?  I mean, who would bullshit us about something so easily checked?

Oh I see the author is black.  In that case, never mind.  Cuz blacks and gays and militant feminists and similar get to make up their own history, and if you don't accept it you'll be accused of a micro-aggression or something.

Once again, yesterday's satire is today's demand by angry blacks and their white allies

Angry, hate-filled blacks--and their white allies, including Leftist blogs--are making so many war-urging statements that it's becoming hard to even log them all.

Latest example: An angry black guy named Wilburt Cooper wrote a piece for the leftoid website "Vice" originally titled "Let's blow up Mount Rushmore," in which the author complains that the men commemorated on Rushmore were evil. 

You get a quick sense of where this asshole's head is when you read his description of the inspiring Lincoln memorial in DC:  "...Abe Lincoln squatting on his throne or George Washington's phallus towering over everything in DC."  The author also whined that the president blamed violence on all sides rather than blaming ONLY the folks protesting the removal of the statue of Robert E. Lee--a group the Lying Mainstream Media have dutifully, slavishly labelled "white supremacists" in every single article and story.

Well...a few hours after Vice published the piece, its leftist operators appear to have sensed, shall we say, murmurs of disagreement.  So they changed the title from "Let's blow up Mount Rushmore"  to
 "Let's get rid of Mount Rushmore."  
They didn't want to just delete the piece, of course, since they'd lose face with their leftist and black readers.  So as of now, anyway, it's still on their site.

But as everyone knows by now, the internet records stupid shit like this, so if you wanna see evidence of the original "Let's blow up Mount Rushmore" title--and a tweet from Vice showing how proud they were of the original title--click here.

The editors also added an oh-so-fake non-apology at the end of the article.
Editor's note: The headline and URL of this story have been updated. We do not condone violence in any shape or form, and the use of "blow up" in the original headline as a rhetorical device was misguided and insensitive. We apologize for the error.
They say they apologize for "the error."  But of course it wasn't an error.  The site's operators read the article and the headline, and posted it.  It was NOT an error (except tactically).  Stupid, yes, but not an error.

Let's take a look at some other brilliant, precious quotes from this crazed, white-hating son of a bitch:
At the same unhinged press conference in which Donald Trump again blamed both sides for the deadly violence in Charlottesville last weekend, he also painted a picture of a slippery slope where those fighting for the removal of Confederate statues today might be destroying tributes to more mainstream slave-owning icons like George Washington tomorrow.
The president turned out to be utterly prescient on that one, eh?  Cuz a week later your homies at Vice ran "Let's blow up Mount Rushmore."  Wow, Trump predicts your tactics yet again!
I'm not sure there is any American president worthy of being etched into the side of a 60-foot mountain with explosives and jackhammers. I mean, every single [president] has at least been partially complicit in horrific atrocities.
"Complicit in horrific atrocities," eh?  So I'm guessing you believe societies should only build monuments to people who were perfect, right?
Obviously Washington and Thomas Jefferson were remarkable individuals who helped usurp British rule in America... But they also enslaved their fellow man, committing special kinds of inhumane acts that should never be confined to footnotes. 
First is the guy's astonishing but predictable trivialization of the Revolutionary War to six words:  Washington and Jefferson "helped usurp British rule in America."  Wow.  So looks like you hate this country and don't want to be here.  Got it.

In case you weren't sure, this snowflake claims Black Lives Matter " actually doing work to make this nation more equitable."

Snowflake considers killing cops to be "Doing work to make this nation more equitable," apparently.

By the same metric, the emperors regime had "great optics," but the snowflake is puzzled that Obama's policies "seem to have done little to heal the wounds of racism in this nation."

Gosh, could that be because the emperor constantly fanned the flames of race hatred?  "Get in their faces," he said.  And surely everyone can understand what a great strategy that is for bringing the races together, right?
It's hard to be critical of a system when that system becomes an article of faith, filled with myths (the cherry tree), deities (Founding Fathers), and notions of salvation (the City on a Hill). It's going to be impossible to improve America if we can't be honest about its origins and its past. Her fruit is born from violence and greed, watered by the blood of my ancestors
Snowflake, how many white Americans died in the Revolutionary War?  How many blacks?

How many whites died in the war of 1812?  How many blacks?

How many whites served, and how many died, in the two World Wars?  How many blacks?

So if you enjoy living free in the U.S, you might open your eyes and quit complaining about how unfair life is for ya.
Trump and his white supremacist cohorts believe the reverence some Americans have for these statues is simply respect for history, and that tearing them down is tantamount to ripping pages out of a textbook. But monuments built by the state are not history—they manifestations [sic] of power. They don't tell you who, what, why, or how something happened. Instead, they just inform you who's in control. 
Back in the day there were "history teachers" in the public schools who actually taught the details of things like our War Between the States.  That got thrown out somehow.  I'm sure it was replaced by something more important, like the wonders of being transgender or something.
Erecting [statues to Confederate figures] amounted to power moves by white people who felt threatened. 
That's your theory.  Others believe they were honoring men who fought nobly for a cause--not slavery, but the right of states to secede from the Union.  You and your comrades demand that your theory prevail, to the point that you're not only perfectly willing to pull down the statues you don't like, but you scream that this is the only right thing to do.  And that if anyone should have the temerity to disagree with you, the ONLY possible reason must be that they're racist.  Interesting.
As a young man I was always skeptical of Martin Luther King Jr., in comparison to more radical leaders like Malcolm X. I couldn't help to notice how King was hailed by white people who wanted to avoid hard discussions about race. These people wanted to rely on a flimsy "dream"...
Yes, we can all see why you'd reject MLK's dream--the notion that a person should be judged on the quality of their character.
With the president of the United States basically justifying neo-Nazism...
Wilburt wants you to believe the people who got a permit to protest against the removal of the statue were "neo-Nazis," and that the president made a statement "basically justifying neo-Nazism."  Of course the only statement he can point to to support his utter bullshit is that the president condeming violence "on all sides."  At no time did the president even attempt to "basically justify neo-Nazism."

But we wouldn't expect an angry agitator to tell the truth.  Ever.

Dear snowflakes: We do understand. Really

Blacks and white "social justice warriors" are angry at George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Robert E. Lee and the fact that a handful of streets on Army posts are named for some of the most brilliant generals the country has ever seen (yes, generals who fought for the Confederacy).

We do understand.  Really.  Now, with that said, *please* keep trying to erase the history of the harshest, most destructive war to be fought on U.S. soil.  It helps good people see you for what you are:  Crazed communists.

You aren't satisfied to strive to live productive lives in the freest, most productive nation on the planet.  Instead you want the government to stop using taxpayer funds to maintain monuments to Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln et al.  You insist that they should have conducted their lives the way you want them to have, instead of according to the prevailing ethos of the time they actually, y'know, lived in.

By all means, do keep it up.  You're doing a great job, really.

By the way:  CNN didn't think the story of the Dem state representative's Fakebook post was worth putting on the air or on their website.  BUT, after the story broke on other sites, CNN swung into damage-control mode with a story about how other Dem leaders were critical of this bitch's Fakebook post.  And that some were even calling for her to resign.

But of course she won't--and no member of her party will force her to resign.  Because they agree with her sentiment.

But CNN gave them cover by publicizing their *criticism* of her.

Once again CNN covers for Dems.  As always.

State democrat representative posts "I hope Trump is assassinated", refuses to apologize

A Dem state rep from Missouri posted on Fakebook "I hope Trump is assassinated!"  (The exclamation mark is in her post.)

In what seems to be an exceedingly rare moment of clear thought for this creature, she deleted her post.  Of course it had already been captured.

She's now been interviewed several times about the post and has consistently refused to apologize for making it.  Listen to her interview.  She's absolutely defiant.

Now:  Obviously, everyone is entitled to an opinion.  And admittedly, her post didn't *call* for the assassination of the president but merely expressed her "hope" that this would happen.  In posting that, she merely demonstrated what a seeming majority of Democrats think.

Barring a miracle, civil war is unavoidable.

Does anyone have an authentic, verifiable example of someone calling for the former emperor Obama to be assassinated?  I never saw one, and you'd think that if anyone had done that, the Lying Mainstream Media would have had that on the front page or lead story for a month straight.

When Obama seized power, good, conservative, hard-working Americans went back to work.  If someone called for him to be assassinated, I missed it, as did the Lying Media.  But now that the tables are turned, look what the Dems are doing.

Civil war is coming.

Thursday, August 17

Last week "They want to get rid of George Washington" was a spoof. But a week later...

Listen to this creature, as she bitches and moans about that awful racist...George Washington??

The critter on the right is Angela Nye, former executive director and general counsel for the congressional black caucus.  Here's the crux of her interview by the America-hating CNN:
“I don’t care if it’s a George Washington statue or a Thomas Jefferson statue, or a Robert E. Lee statue.   They all need to come down.”  --Angela Rye on CNN

Civil war.  No way to avoid it.

Time for another edition of "Fact or Fake"

...the game where you get to play editor of a Fake Mainstream Media "news" organ, and decide whether to run a bullshit story that damages Trump, or kill a real story that damages the Democrats.

So...decide whether each of the following stories is "fact or fake." 
  • Black "pastor" in Chicago demands George Washington park be renamed "Malcolm X Park";
  • Mother of woman killed in Charlottesville claims "They killed my daughter to shut her up."
  • Black activist organization demands George Washington be removed from the dollar bill and replaced with engraving of Maxine Waters;
  • Black activist organization demands Washington DC be renamed "Raacist Capital of AmeriKKKa."
  • Not content with merely removing Trump, Maxine Waters calls for impeaching BOTH Trump and Pence.
  • WaPo runs long opinion piece criticizing Serena Williams for having a 1950's-themed party, claiming "venerating the 1950s" helps...Trump;  [to see the answer click here] 

Answers to 1 thru 5 above:

Black pastor demands...
Mother of woman killed in Charlottesville...
Maxine Waters...

Wednesday, August 16

More on mayor of Baltimore ordering pre-dawn removal of 4 historic statues

Further to my earlier post about the mayor of Baltimore ordering the pre-dawn removal of four "Confederate statues:"  She's now admitted she ordered the removal unilaterally, and before dawn.  Her excuse was to "protect our people."  Not sure who the black female mayor meant by "our people," nor how the residents of Baltimore were endangered by the statues, but hey...

Mayor: "With the climate in this nation, I think it’s very important that we move quickly and quietly...and that’s what I did.”

Let that sink in a minute:  "important that we move quickly and quietly, and that's what *I* did."

When totalitarian governments do something controversial--seizing people in the middle of the night, for example--they move "quickly and quietly" at night.

But this isn't totalitarianism, cuz...well, the city council unanimously agreed to have the statues removed, so was there really any need for the mayor to consult any more?  Of course not:  She had all the authority and power she needed.

Seig Heil to the Democrat overlords.

Here's one of the statues--it's dedicated to the Confederate women of Maryland.  Offended Dem overlords.  Now gone.  Hooray for political correctness.

The Soviets were famous for erasing parts of history they didn't like.  Democrats are totes on-board with that.  Yep.  Seems like the Dems like the Soviets more than Trump does.

Bloggers note one group had a permit to march, the other didn't; Lying Media counterattacks

It's been noted that the group protesting against the planned removal of the statue of Robert E. Lee from the park that was formerly named after him in Charlottesville had a permit, but the left-wing facist thugs who attacked them didn't.

Faced with discrepancy, the leftwing, Lying Mainstream media has created a clever counterattack:  pics of Allied soldiers storming the beach on D-day, with the caption
 "Also confronted the Nazi's without a permit."
Clever, huh.  And to the surprise of no one, a dozen mainstream and leftist media organs came out with the virtually the same type of pic and caption at the same time.

Almost like it was a coordinated campaign or something. 

But remember, citizen:  There's no left/liberal bias in the media!  And if you persist in thinking there is, you'll be fired.  Cuz Dems are all about political correctness.

Baltimore removes 4 confederate monuments before dawn on orders of black female mayor

Before dawn this morning, workers in Baltimore removed four of the city’s Confederate monuments. 

A day earlier the city's mayor, Catherine Pugh, said the monuments should come down, but wouldn’t say when.

On Monday the city council passed a resolution Monday to remove the monuments.

Pugh complained that council members "could have started this back in August of last year, but of course nothing got done.  So...I will get it done, and I have already asked contractors to look at how quickly we can move them...

Now anyone who know anything about city contracts knows you can't get a contract for something like this signed in a day.  Even though the council agreed to the removal, the contract itself has to be approved by the council.

Clearly this wasn't done.  The black mayor "negotiated" the contract entirely on her own authority.

Thought experiment:  How would the Lying Media have reacted if this had been done by a Republican mayor?  But because Pugh is a double-protected person--black and female--no one in the Lying Media is willing to say a word.

Tuesday, August 15

Another edition of "Fact or Fake?"

Time once again to play "Fact or Fake?", the game that lets you act like a producer at CNN (or the Mainstream Media organ of your choice) and decide whether to publish fake news, or kill a story that would damage the Dem Narrative.

So...consider the two tweets below.  If they're real, seems like it's an attempt to outlaw symbols of thoughts a "protected class" doesn't like.  On the other hand, they could be fake, designed to damage the thoughtful debaters at BLM.  Place your bets.

On the off chance you thought those might be fake, click here.

Sheriff in Durham, North Carolina demonstrates the astonishing paradigm shift

Free speech is great--enshrined in our Constitution, right?

Wait...the Left claims not all speech should be permitted--not if it offends them.

On the other hand, your right to free speech didn't allow you to destroy someone else's property, or public property.  Well, until last week, anyway.

That has now changed--effectively, anyway--as the sheriff of Durham County, NC used Fakebook to post a written statement explaining why his deputies didn't intervene to prevent leftist demonstors from pulling down a statue of a Confederate soldier.

Here are the relevant points of his written statement.  (The rest consists of platitudes, window-dressing.  And my apologies for the Fakebook link.):
Before the protest, my staff met with our community partners [who, exactly?] to discuss how to safely and appropriately respond to the protest.  County leaders were aware of the risk of damage to the Confederate statue, as well as the potential risk of injury to the public and officers should deputies attempt to control the crowd.

Collectively, we decided that restraint and public safety would be our priority. 

Translation:  "We" decided it was better to appease the demonstrators instead of enforcing the law.  You surrendered to the demonstrators, sheriff.  Paradigm shift duly noted.
My deputies showed great restraint and **respect for the constitutional rights of the group expressing their anger**... 
I realize you're only vaguely familiar with the Constitution, sheriff, so it will probably come as a surprise to you to learn that the Constitution does not give demonstrators the right to destroy property by claiming "free speech."
I am asking both city and county leaders to establish guidelines and safe spaces for protesters to prevent demonstrations from becoming disruptive and...dangerous. 
So instead of preventing demonstrators from destroying property, the sheriff wants pols to establish "safe spaces for protestors."  Sheriff, are you really so abysmally dumb that you seriously believe lawbreaking demonstrators will suddenly decide to stay within the "safe space" you've designated?  They've already shown you--clearly, unequivocally--that they can break the law with impunity, and yet apparently you think they'll obey one that seeks to restrict protests to a "safe space"?  Not bloody likely.

Sheriff Mike Andrews' written statement formalizes something lots of Americans on both sides already knew: local cops--either city police or sheriffs--have been ordered by city pols to let certain demonstrating groups destroy property instead of intervening.  Cuz enforcing the law would anger the demonstrators.

Heaven knows we can't have that, eh?  (If you're a leftist and don't understand that sentence, replace "Heaven" with "Everyone.")

Whoo, you need to take a look at this anarchist website. Or is it satire? Hard to tell

You really, really need to see this:  It's a website by a group calling itself "CrimethInc."

They describe themselves as anarchists, and their catch-phrase is "desperate measures are long overdue." 

The site is SO over the top that it almost looks like the Onion, or The Peoples' Cube: satire.  And given the creativity on the Net, it may be.  Unfortunately, I don't think it is.  I think this is the logical response of people who have been conditioned to believe jobs are eeeevil and "the good life" is really awful.

They want to abolish laws and governments, because they see governments as the root of dysfunction.  And certainly some governments are dysfunctional, and produce horrible outcomes.  Venezuela and North Korea come to mind.

The guy who wrote the content is clever, and poses some good questions, but the solution he proposes really obvious flaws.  But do take a look and see what civilization is up against with these creatures.  Cuz it's gonna get a lot worse before it gets better.

Employee of TV station ordered to stop filming leftist demo; bashed when he ignores order

Wanna see how absolutely, totally f''ng dumb the Lying Mainstream Media is?

In Richmond, Virginia, a bunch of critters were marching, carrying a huge, professionally-made banner saying "Against white supremacy."  Video records the crowd chanting "We're here, we're gay, we fight the KKK."  So far, all legal and normal.

A staffer for the local CBS television station was using his cell phone to record the demonstration.  Last I heard that's still legal.

A marcher orders the guy "Stop filming, bro."  The guy filming says "I can film what I want.  Get out of my face."

At that point one of the demonstrators hit him on the head from behind with some type of club.  It required four staples to close the wound.

Now here's the dumb part:  In its story reporting the attack, the TV station refused to identify the protesters.  As far as the station is concerned, the identity of protesters only matters if they're "white nationalists" or "white supremacists."  Protesters on the "approved" side are never identified.

A little thought experiment will help you understand the meaning of this event:  How do you think the Mainstream Media would have reacted if one of their employees had been attacked by members of a group protesting the removal of historic statues from a local park?

Of course:  It would have been uploaded to CBS control and replayed endlessly for hours.

If you didn't understand what's happening before, this should tell you something. 

And do ya think this guy getting his head bashed might discourage other TV-station employees from filming leftist marches?  Sure.  Far safer to film older, out-of-shape guys protesting against the removal of statues from parks.

Wiki says "pride" good if used with black, gay or asian. But "white pride"=bad. Really.

How...interesting:  According to Wiki (yeah, bunch of communists) "Pride" has different meanings depending on the word modifying it.  If it's black, gay, or asian the meaning is unreservedly positive.

If used with "white," Wiki (the liberal Bible) says it's very, very bad.  See for yourself:

Monday, August 14

CNN's go-to Nicaraguan says "Trump is unfit to be human"

A creature called Ana Navarro appears on CNN occasionally.  She's a communist from Nicaragua, and she hates republicans--and particularly President Trump--with a passion.

After the brawl in Charlottesville I watched the president--in real time--as he condemned "violence on both sides."  Of course this wasn't enough for the Left, including Navarro, who said this on CNN:
At a moment when the country so badly needed to hear from the president of the United States about healing and unity and condemning white supremacy and condemning racism and condemning neo-nazis, he was a coward. He didn’t have the spine to behave like a leader of the United States.

And I feel that is shameful. I’m glad the Republican leaders are calling him out on it. I’m glad elected leaders in the Republican party are finally, finally stopping looking the other way and confronting the fact he’s not only unfit to be president. In my book, his lack of empathy, his lack of leadership, his lack of courage, he’s unfit to be human.”

Look; he had an opportunity. He’s had two days. He’s had more than two days to address this, and he has failed to do so.
Bullshit, Ana, you lying bitch.  I watched him address it live, very well.  Get the fuck out of MY country, bitch.  Go back to your shitty, totalitarian communist buddies in Nicaragua, who've done so much to advance their dictatorship there.  You and your lying and race-baiting will be SO much more in your element there.

Navarro finished by saying
We need to be the ones that unify and heal ourselves, because the president of the United States is a shameful nincompoop incapable of doing it on his own.
Obviously Navarro is entitled to her opinion, as everyone is.  And my opinion is that Navarro is doing just what the entire Democrat party and the Lying Mainstream Media are doing:  Lying about Trump, fanning the flames of hate and hoping for violence--which they will blame on anyone except their supporters.

Watch and listen to this hateful creature.  Astonishing that CNN would give her a platform.  Oh wait, it's CNN, so obviously...

Liberals in MN cancel writers' conference because no blacks accept invitation to speak

Left/liberal outfits are so shamelessly politically correct that they'll cancel a planned conference or workshop if they don't get enough people of color, gays and so on to speak or present.

Naturally you think this is just paranoia.  That's probably due to the fact that you haven't seen any mainstream media stories about it.  Let's fix that:  The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports that a leftist writer's organization ("the Loft") announced its "Children’s and Young-Adult Literature Conference," but then cancelled it days later after no persons of color accepted invitations to speak, out of ten invitations.
“We have set a goal for ourselves to be inclusive and to work toward equity, and we didn’t think the conference would live up to that mission,” Britt Udesen, executive director of the Loft, said Wednesday. “We made a mistake.” 

Ah, I see:  If not enough people of color accept your invitation, the white organizers realize they've made a mistake?  What's next?  Are libs gonna start having to pay "people of color" extra to speak if the organizers want to go through with a planned conference?

According to director Udesen, "complaints from the public" helped prompt the decision to cancel the conference, but Udesen refused to say how many complaints, or who made them.
One writer who clearly didn't like the conference was a black woman, Shannon Gibney, who said "the issue of diversity is crucial, because children’s literature remains overwhelmingly white."  She complained that the children’s literature conference hasn't been diverse enough.
Gibney complained that the conference "has felt stiflingly white, definitely stiflingly older white woman, stiflingly suburban.”

Whaddya wanna bet this one complaint caused the white director Loft to cancel the whole thing?  Cuz if there's one kiss of death to a liberal organization it's being accused of lacking "enough" diversity.  One complaint is all it takes.

Exit question:  If a dozen black writers and one white were slated to speak, do you think anyone would dare to complain about a "lack of diversity"?   Of course not.

Check out "The Peoples' Cube"

The Peoples' Cube is a great site for satirical humor.  Here's a sample:

DNC to pick new election slogan from four finalists:
  • "Give us more government or everyone dies"
  • "Vote for Democrats or everyone dies"
  • "Impeach Trump or everyone dies;" or
  • "Stop the fearmongering or everyone dies"
Pelosi: "We have to impeach the president in order to find out what we impeached him for."

BREAKING: As of Saturday July 8, 2017, all of Earth's ecosystems have shut down as per Prince Charles's super scientific pronouncement made 96 months ago. Everything is dead. All is lost. Life on Earth is no more.

"Schoolchildren jailed for building only white snowmen"

Hillary: "I lost, so I'm going to follow our democratic traditions, poison the wells, and scorch the earth."
BREAKING: Millions of uncounted votes found on Hillary's private voting machine in her Chappaqua bathroom

Obama transfers his Nobel Peace Prize to anti-Trump rioters

Democrats blame Hillary's criminal e-mail server for her loss, demand it face prison

Hillary 2020
Afraid of "dangerous" Trump presidency, protesters pre-emptively burn America down to the ground

Clinton Foundation in foreclosure as foreign donors demand refunds

Hillary Clinton blames YouTube video for unexpected and spontaneous voter uprising that prevented her inevitable move into the White House

Sudden rise in sea levels explained by disproportionately large tears shed by climate scientists in the aftermath of Trump's electoral victory

FBI director Comey delighted after receiving Nobel Prize for Speed Reading (650,000 emails in one week)

Responding to Trump's surging poll numbers, Obama preemptively pardons himself for treason

Following hurricane Matthew's failure to devastate Florida, activists flock to the Sunshine State and destroy Trump signs manually

"The Evolution of Dissent:"  On November 8th the nation is to decide whether dissent will stop being racist and become sexist - or if dissent will once again be patriotic as it was for 8 years under George W. Bush.

Venezuela solves starvation problem by making it mandatory to buy food.

Breaking:  Clinton Foundation set to investigate the FBI.

Protests at Mizzou lead to declaring entire state a "safe space," changing Missouri motto to "The don't show me state."

Green energy fact: if we put all green energy subsidies together in one-dollar bills and burn them, we could generate more electricity than has been produced by subsidized green energy.

State officials improve chances of healthcare payouts by replacing ObamaCare with state lottery.

NASA's new mission to search for racism, sexism, and economic inequality in deep space suffers from race, gender, and class power struggles over multibillion-dollar budget.

Washington Redskins drop 'Washington' from their name as offensive to most Americans

Poll: 83% of Americans favor cowboy diplomacy over rodeo clown diplomacy

GOVERNMENT WARNING: If you were able to complete ObamaCare form online, it wasn't a legitimate gov't website; you should report online fraud and change all your passwords

Obama administration gets serious, threatens Syria with ObamaCare

Susan Rice: IRS actions against tea parties caused by anti-tax YouTube video that was insulting to their faith.

Obama: the IRS is a constitutional right, just like the Second Amendment

Hilliary Clinton sues satan for breach of contract, demands her soul back; Satan countersues

Hat tip to The Peoples' Cube.  Some other gems from TPC:

Pelosi: "We have to impeach the president in order to find out what we impeached him for"

BREAKING: As of Saturday July 8, 2017, all of Earth's ecosystems have shut down as per Prince Charles's super scientific pronouncement made 96 months ago. Everything is dead. All is lost. Life on Earth is no more.

DNC to pick new election slogan from four finalists:
  • "Give us more government or everyone dies"
  • "Vote for Democrats or everyone dies"
  • "Impeach Trump or everyone dies;" or
  • "Stop the fearmongering or everyone dies"

CNN does a piece praising the religious beliefs of a politician--you'll never guess

When you think of Hilliary Clinton, what's the first thing you associate her with?

Of course: it's her strong religious faith.

And if I asked you which network most-strongly supports religion, which one would you think of?

Why of course:  CNN, without a doubt.  Cuz you surely remember all those thoughtful, complimentary stories they've run on religion, right?

No?  Gee that's...odd.  I seem to recall lots of pieces praising one religious in particular.  Can't remember which one now, but something about The Religion of Peace.  Cuz the folks at CNN are all about achieving peace.  In fact they believe in peace SO strongly that believe it's worth any price to get it.

"Peace at any price."

Wow, that has a ring to it, eh?  Bet some politician could really run with that.

So when was the last time CNN ran a story praising a religion other than Islam, or praising a politician for his or her strong religious beliefs?

Yeah, I guessed "never" too.  But last Friday CNN--often derisively called the "Clinton News Network" for its total devotion to Hilliary and Bill--surprised us by running a long piece on the strong religious beliefs of...Hilliary Clinton.

Yes, that's right, CNN doing a piece praising religion, and the strong religious beliefs of a politician.  Surprised?  So was I.

Interestingly, the piece doesn't have a single quote from Hillary herself, commenting on how important faith is to her.   Instead, the CNN piece was an interview with a "Reverend" claiming to be a very close friend of Hill's.

Beginning in April of 2015 the guy emailed Hilliary daily words of encouragement.  And now he's published a book of these collected inspirational pieces.  And by a huge coincidence, it's gonna go on sale...tomorrow!

That is such a coincidence, isn't it?

But I still think it's odd that as much as CNN loves Hilliary, their article didn't quote Hilliary herself.  You have to wonder if that was because Hills actually isn't religious at all.  If she was quoted saying anything positive about religion, most of her followers would probably be horrified.

So it's a perfect piece of Democrat propaganda:  Woos the small percentage of religious Dems by making 'em think Hilly is religous, while carefully avoiding any pro-religious quotes from her that would alienate the majority of her supporters.

At least now that we know CNN does positive pieces on pols who have a strong religious faith we'll keep an eye out for one on a Republican.  But you probably shouldn't hold your breath.

Crazy Dem rep fans the flames of race hate, blames Trump

Once again, Democrat congress-creatures are fanning the flames of racial hate, then blaming Trump for any violence.  Example #4,692.

You'd think the Dem leadership would tell their members not to fan these flames with statements like Maxine's--but of course, the Dem leaders WANT conflict, because they see it as helping them remove the president.

Wow.  Do they just lack the intelligence to see the consequences?  Or do they see the consequences but press on regardless, because they believe civil war will propel them back into power?

One more option:  They believe the people who voted for Trump are basically law-abiding and will never fight back, no matter how severely they are attacked.  That's my bet.

And who knows--they may be right.

Sunday, August 13

If this bird was covered in oil, this photo would be posted *everywhere*

Environmentalists and animal-lovers go ballistic--justifiably--when an oil spill kills sea birds.  But I'll bet you haven't heard a word of complaint from any of the big-name enviros complain about the thousands and thousands of birds killed each year by those oh-so-environmentally-correct wind turbines!

Gosh, why is that?  Could the enviros just be so abysmally ignorant that they don't know about the number of birds killed each year?  Or is it that if an enviro were to complain about it, the Lying Media wouldn't give 'em any air time--cuz the Mainstream Media hates oil companies so much?

Thirteen lies about "climate change"

Thirteen lies about "climate change" (originally called "global warming"):

  1. The planet is warming, and by an unusual and dangerous amount;
  2. This warming is caused by humans burning carbon fuels, producing CO2;
  3. Global warming causes extreme weather like hurricanes and tornadoes.
  4. Global warming causes droughts.
  5. It's never been this hot before, and will cause a "thermal runaway."
  6. The percentage of CO2 in the atmosphere has never been this high before;
  7. Not only is it getting warmer, but the rate of increase is increasing;
  8. "98 percent of scientists agree about this;" "the science is settled;"
  9. "Scientific truth" is determined by consensus.
 10. Global warming causes more rain;
 11. Global warming makes the oceans more acidic;
 12. "Climate change"--regardless of direction--is dangerous, so must be stopped;
 13. Government scientists would never alter measured temperatures to bolster their case.  So if you hear that anywhere, don't believe it.  Cuz scientists would never lie about science.

Just so there's no confusion:  every one of the above statements is crap.

Seattle city council votes to tax just the rich; audience of moonbats squeals with delight

A month or so ago, the city council of Seattle voted--9 to 0--to impose a new tax on individuals making more than $250,000 a year.  Watch the video to see how the audience reacted to that vote: 

Ecstatic support, right?  And why would anyone expect anything else?  Cuz to the moonbat Dem/libs in the audience it's totally free money that can be spent on things they want.

Of course you don't live in Seattle, and probably don't make above the threshhold for the tax, so why should you care, right?

Because this is how pure democracy--i.e. mob rule--works.  You have something I want?  If I can convince a majority of the members of any government body to vote my way, we can take what we want from you, regardless of whether we legally have that power or not.

Cuz the state of Washington has a law that says cities must get state permission to levy taxes.  The council didn't have it.  Wouldn't you think at least one city attorney might--just might--have raised that point with 'em?  Apparently no one did.  And like city council members everywhere, not one of 'em is smart enough to know the law of their own state.

I'd say all those council members should be jailed for terminal stupidity but this is all too common with socialist pols.  "You make more than most voters, so we can do anything we want to take more money from you."

This is how these people think.  And because all their supporters think the same way, they believe they're doing something virtuous and righteous.  And they'll continue to win re-election, because moronic liberals are a majority in Seattle, and Portland, and San Francisco, and...on and on.

Tactics used by the Lying Mainstream Media to neutralize Republicans

One of the many ways the Lying Mainstream Media works to cripple conservative politicians is to warn them of the huge price the Media predicts they'll pay for pushing...conservative policies.

Seems to me that advice from the media is nonsense:  If a Republican candidate follows the media’s advice, he typically loses.  If he takes the media's advice after he's already in office, he won't make any progress in rolling back the ever-expanding government; conservatives who voted for him will stay home next time--why vote for a guy who won't do what he promised?-- and he'll lose the next election.

Another method used by the media to neutralize a Republican president is to make RINOs believe they'll lose their seat if they support his policies--which isn't hard to do since they're RINOs.  We've already seen that with McCain's defection on the "repeal" vote on the ghastly Obamacare law.

Since removal from office after impeachment requires 67 votes in the senate, and the Dems already have a reliable 51, my sense of it is that the Dems are working feverishly to identify 16 more squishes--RINOs who really hate Trump--and they'll have the votes needed to remove him from office.

Here's where I would have said "At this point Trump's best move is to ask Pence to start making fire-breathing speeches urging far more conservative programs and action by the president, to make squish RINOs think twice before voting to impeach and remove."  But it's pointless, because the Dems and never-Trumpers don't care about any possible consequences of removal; they just want to get him no matter what.

Lessons from Google firing the guy who expressed an opinion they didn't like

Recently Google fired a young man for writing an email they didn't like.

Specifically, the guy's thoughtful, reasoned ten-page piece theorized that at least some of the difference in the sex-composition of tech businesses could be explained by intrinsic biological differences.

If you're not in the tech field you don't see this as significant, so let me explain:

If you own a small business, and decline to hire a member of a class that's protected by either the federal or state government, that government will sue you into bankruptcy.  Similarly, if you decline to offer your services to a member of a government-protected class, that government will sue you into bankruptcy.  And note many of these lawsuits are state, not federal.

Now: Google just made it legal to fire people for simply expressing an opinion an employer doesn't like.  According to the precedents established at both federal and state levels, that should result in their prosecution by government.

But of course, no government will prosecute Google, because that company is too useful to both state and federal governments.  So, politically powerful.  

So we've just crossed a line:  From now on employers will be able to fire employees for holding politically-incorrect views.  They'll also be able to refuse to hire, for the same reason.  But the only views subject to these new powers will be those held by conservatives.  If you're a conservative owner who tries to fire an employee for, say, advocating the overthrow of the federal government by force, you'll quickly find that this new legal principle only works in one direction.

So again...two sets of laws.

Saturday, August 12

NY Times ridicules idea of Norks launching a nuke; says global warming a greater threat

The NY Times--as the entire Left--is doing all it can to ridicule the idea that North Korea poses any nuclear threat.  As an example, yesterday the Times tweeted this:
What’s a greater threat to Guam? North Korea, or climate change? 

Trump declines call from Venezuela's socialist president "until democracy is restored to that country"

Yesterday--Friday, August 11th--the government of Venezuela called the White House, asking if president Trump would take a call from Venezuelan president/dictator Maduro.

President Trump declined, saying he wouldn't speak with the socialist leader "until democracy is restored in that country.”

The White House then released this statement:
Since the start of this Administration, President Trump has asked that Maduro respect Venezuela’s constitution, hold free and fair elections, release political prisoners, cease all human rights violations, and stop oppressing Venezuela’s great people.

The Maduro regime has refused to heed this call, which has been echoed around the region and the world. Instead Maduro has chosen the path of dictatorship.

The United States stands with the people of Venezuela in the face of their continued oppression by the Maduro regime.  “President Trump will gladly speak with the leader of Venezuela as soon as democracy is restored in that country.
Fabulous response.  The emperor Obama would have congratulated his socialist comrade on his firm governing style, and dispatched a plane loaded with a billion dollars of freshly-printed bills--much as Billy Clinton kissed North Korea's ass, sending them millions of dollars of food and heating oil during his ghastly administration.

This is why so many Americans like Trump:  He doesn't grovel before dictators or support their corrupt regimes.

Finally, do a search for "Trump declines to take Maduro call" and see how often this appeared in the Lying Mainstream Media--in a positive story.

Bernie Sanders explains socialism to us

Capitalism, free markets and socialism are complicated.  In fact the Left claims they're too complex for ordinary people to understand.  Fortunately we have one of the world's foremost experts on socialism, Bernie Sanders, to explain socialism to us.  It's all yours, senator.

Signs that the Democrats want to use force and violence to overthrow the government, part 186,425

Congress can impeach a president.  There's also a provision in the Constitution allowing removal if a president is incapacitated.

Neither of these means involves the military.  The only way the military could remove a president is by an illegal coup.  It's called "overthrowing the government of the United States by force."

If someone were to urge our generals to remove the president, that would clearly be "advocating the overthrow of the government by force"--an act that carries the death penalty.

Hard to imagine any American being so unhinged as to call for generals to remove the president--i.e. to stage a coup, eh?  But Democrats already have.  Yesterday:

Does anyone believe Twitter would have allowed this type of comment back when Obozo was emperor?  Anyone who posted this would have been handcuffed by the Secret Service in minutes.

To Democrats:  We conservatives have no influence over this crazy, treasonous bitch or her supporters.  The only way to stop this treasonous rhetoric is for reasonable Democrats--if there are any left--to bitch-slap Handler for weeks.  But you won't.  Cuz that would get your membership revoked.  And you people simply aren't willing to risk that. 

Anything but that, eh?

Civil war, folks.  Cuz the Dems won't voluntarily stop urging the overthrow of the government by force.

Friday, August 11

How ISIS treats the art of prior civilizations; here in the U.S. we're FAR more civilized

If you watch international news closely you know the story behind the photo below.  It shows two of the retarded, murderous thugs who are members of ISIS, destroying a one-of-a-kind statue from an ancient civilization in the ancient city of Palmyra.

They destroy artwork of older civilizations because they claim nothing of value could have existed before Mohammed, or something equally goofy.  And you can't reason 'em out of that belief, cuz they didn't get into it by reason.  It's just blind belief, and that's the end of it.

Of course that's the moronic, retarded thugs of ISIS.  Here in the far more "enlightened" United States, we would never think of doing something like that, right?

I mean, destroying the art of ancient civilizations just seems to be...dumb.  Case in point:  The British war museum has an original German Me-262 (the world's first jet fighter), a V-1 (first cruise missile) and a V-2 (first ballistic missile--an out-of-the-atmosphere rocket).  Stunning stuff.

So it's hard to imagine we in the enlightened West would ever remove artworks of an earllier era, because....wait, what?

Ah, wait:  The removal of historic statues in New Orleans and other southern cities is NOTHING AT ALL like ISIS.  Really.  There's a HUGE difference!  Cuz Democrats who run these cities are simply *removing* the statues, not destroying them.

Ah.  Of course they haven't actually said what the disposition will be.  Several small towns have said they'd love to have the statues but the mayors have so far not made any deals--cuz giving the statues to a small town would open the mayors to (gasp!) criticism. 

But I'll make a prediction:  The statues will simply disappear.  Of course they'll actually be melted down for scrap.  After a few years someone will ask what happened to 'em, and the official story will be that no one knows what happened to 'em.

40 years from now someone will surface to say he was there when the pieces were trucked in and melted down.  He'll be ridiculed as a nutcase.

But there is absolutely no similarity between the fanatics of ISIS and the fanatical Democrats and liberals who run large cities. 


WaPo claims Norks just now built an A-bomb to fit on missile; Obama admin knew it 4 years ago

Whenever conservatives look back at an abysmal misjudgment or miscalculation by Democrats, Leftists complain that there's no sense in analyzing past events--they won't use the term "mistakes" for obvious reasons--because it can't be changed.

But the real reason the Left doesn't want you to examine past performance because it exposes what dumb policies the Left pushes, what stupid decisions they make, and how they lie about...everything they can get away with.

If you let them get away with decreeing that we can't examine past decisions and policies for soundness (or lack thereof), you guarantee a repeat of the same failing the next time they gain power.

So...three days ago the Obama-loving Washington Post reported that North Korea has succeeded in making an atomic bomb small enough to fit on their long-range missiles. Here's the takeaway paragraph:
[M]any analysts thought it would be years before the country’s weapons scientists could design a compact warhead that could be delivered by missile to distant targets.  But the new assessment, a summary document dated July 28, concludes that this critical milestone has been reached.
Notice the phrase "the new assessment, a...document dated June 28..."  This clearly implies this conclusion is brand new--hot off the presses.  Implication is that this is an unforeseeable event which has happened far earlier than anyone could have known about.  So it would just be wrong to blame anyone, eh?  In particular, don't blame the former emperor and his Democrat supporters!  Cuz, like, no one could possibly have foreseen this.

Unfortunately for the Left there's this thing called the Internet, which records every word they write.  And would ya look at this:  It's an article in the leading Dem/Leftist paper, the NY Times that says the Defense Intelligence Agency concluded that the Norks had achieved this ability earlier than five weeks ago--the date that what the WaPo calls "the new assessment" was released. much earlier? 

Four years earlier.

Ah.  And why does this matter?

Because it shows that the Obama administration knew this, but chose to debunk it.  Here's how the Times reported Obozo's response:
President Obama said...he did not believe that North Korea yet had the ability to make a nuclear weapon small enough to fit atop a missile.
Obozo also got his "Director of National Intelligence" James Clapper to support this brilliant "belief:"
Mr. Clapper issued a statement playing down the assessment of the D.I.A., which tends to take a more hawkish view on North Korea, adding that “North Korea has not yet demonstrated the full range of capabilities necessary for a nuclear armed missile.”
Note Clapper's careful weasel-wording:  the Norks "have not yet demonstrated the full range of capabilities necessary for a nuclear-armed missile."  But of course that's not what the DIA report claimed, just that they'd managed to solve the problem of making a bomb small enough to fit.  Clapper's clintonesque wording was intended to give the impression that the D.I.A. assessment was no big deal.

Why would Obama and company want to debunk an intel agency's claim that the Norks had just upped their nuclear threat?  Because Obama didn't want to have to do anything about it.  He astutely recognized that taking effective action would anger his base, while admitting the Nork breakthrough, would cause independent voters to realize the Dems weren't willing to counter substantive threats.

Obama seems to always have had a very well-developed sense of self-protection.